you’ve changed

you've changed cartoon drawing by nakedpastor david hayward

One of the reasons change is so difficult is because of all the words that you must ignore. Most of the words are motivated by concern and even love. But often they are spoken out of a deep fear.

It can make your individual journey more terrifying than it already is. You really just have to go for it.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Stephanie Butcher

    Love this one, David! It really hit home!

  • Andrew

    Yep… I have gotten them all…

  • David Waters

    Yup, but just laugh it off.

  • gio

    oh man…..thats me…thats what I have received over and over….. thankyou David.

  • Mar

    This post held such comfort and such triggers all in one … “left my protective covering” indeed … no other “covering” ever did me so much harm … ever.

  • nakedpastor

    ya, i’ve thought the very same thing mar.

  • Laura

    Sounds SO MUCH like the words abusers use in an attempt to continue to abuse and control their victims. WAY too familiar….

  • Brigitte

    New Age, old devil–sounds kind of catchy, though, doesn’t it? Indeed, there is never much very new under the sun.

  • ttm

    Funny. I heard them all too–and they went deep at the time, but now I hope what a friend saw on a podiatrist’s sign is true: “Time Wounds All Heels.” I’m not as tender anymore. I’ve toughened up enough to wonder if some of those churchy heels might just get what they deserve–a little cracked and pained by the same kind of abrasive friction they’ve been dishing out all these years. 😉

  • Christine

    Brigitte – I’m reading this on an iPad. Seems pretty new to me. And from my vantage point at least, it is under the sun.

    So, it depends of what we’re talking about. Maybe there are no new emotions – it’s all been felt before – including the fear that motivates comments like above. But that conclusion we would reach through what… observation? Maybe even that isn’t true.

    Let’s have a higher standard for our theology, shall we? Instead of what sounds catchy, or the first out of context blub of scripture something calls to mind.

    The person being ridiculed in the cartoon is owed beter. They are owed our love.

  • Brigitte

    Christine, how do you feel, our i-phones and i-pads make us different as individuals and as spiritual people? Just curious. (It’s a good question, I think. ?)

  • Christine

    Talk about changing the subject. :) (I was, of course, only illustrating that new things *do* exist and therefore that phrase you quoted is being used way too loosely – as I’ve often seen done.)

    But, sure, why not? I think the difference is actually rather profound. At one point, I read a series of academic articles that discussed how new media – from blogs like this one to video games – affect our spiritual beliefs and our relationships within spitutal communities, and there was quite a breath of implication for which convincing cases were made.

    The technology (like my iPad) are the vehicle by which we make time to partake of these outlets in our busy society. I myself bought my iPad almost solely for the purpose of spiritual blogging on the bus (which I am doing right now :) ), and it has given me more time to think about these matters and to read a much larger diversity of views than I would otherwise. I also express my own views much more often and to a much larger audience by having access to forums that exists for that express purpose.

    And that’s only scratching the surface. Many other implications could be identified, such as greater questioning of church authority and a greater sense of connectivity between members of a faith across great distances.

    What do you think?

  • Gary

    Love this David. As you know some of these very bullets have been fired at me and others by a new fundy representative on this very site recently. These words used to sting…now they create a mix of pity and amusement.

    Thank God for progress.

  • Steve Martin

    As Peter said to Jesus when Jesus asked, “do you also want to leave?”,…”Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

  • ttm

    But, Steve, Jesus and the church are not one in the same. I believe that I can walk away from the church and still walk with Jesus. And isn’t it possible also to walk away from Jesus and still remain in the church (for reasons of networking or tradition or reputation or superstition)?

    Even if the church were equivalent/identical in nature to Jesus, with the same saving power and love beyond imagination, can we take the words of Jesus specifically directed toward Peter and the apostles and make them fit whatever context we choose today? I don’t know … that seems quite a stretch. But I am glad that walking with both Jesus and the church seems to bring great satisfaction to you. Walking a quiet path with Jesus brings me incredible delight these days–the shouting from the podium and the twitters from the pews were creating static and interfering with my ability to hear Jesus well. Now, I can actually hear the Spirit whisper … It’s nice–even if you don’t think it’s God’s ideal. :-)

  • Christine

    And Jesus said to Peter “And who do you say that I am?”

    And Peter responded, “Lord, you are the eschatological manifestation of man’s thirst for transendence.”

    And Jesus replied, “Whaaaaa?”

  • Beth

    @ Christine – HA!!!!

  • Mad =^..^= (AKA ccws)

    Ah yes, how many of us have been beaten with the “chlidlikeness” stick… In the mean time, what are the children doing? Being curious, asking questions, experimenting, trying to GROW UP. Being a child of God doesn’t mean being in a state of arrested development. It means growing into an “ADULT of God.”

    p.s. @Christine FTW!

  • Christine

    :) My dad told me that joke. (The “Whaaaa?” should be very loud, loses something in not telling it aloud.) He also gave me my full repertoire of crude bible humour. (Maybe that’s a better answer the next time someone asks if my family was religious!)

  • Rod Smith

    Here are only two of the many I have received over the years:
    The New Age has got you.
    You should never have gone into psychology.