women with brains and mouths

women with brains and mouths cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Women With Brains And Mouths” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

When men speak their minds all they have to be concerned about is their thoughts and presentation.

When women speak their minds, they also are often aware of their gender and must push through discrimination.

This is why when a woman’s thoughts land they often have twice the impact, because the thought has had to travel twice as far and through sometimes overwhelming opposition.

I am proud to know and be friends with some incredibly intelligent and outspoken women.

I have no doubt that if I were a woman doing what I do and saying what I say, I’d be called a bitch.

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  • Carol

    Yeah, those who are upset by you can only call you a sonofabitch and I’ll bet your mother wears army boots, too!

  • Gary

    In my house the term “Bitch” is a rather sexy term of affection my wife enjoys calling herself. Carry over from the biker culture I suppose. But she is a strong woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and I love that “bitchy” part of her. If you were called a bitch David…it would only enhance your standing in my mind. grin

  • Sabio

    @ Gary
    that was a fun comment. we all use our language so differently. The trick is to get agreement like u and your wife!

  • Rhonda Sayers

    Nakedbitch…kinda has a nice ring to it πŸ˜‰

  • I absolutely love this piece. Brilliant!

    You see, I live in a community that is rather conservative, in fact rather is probably an understatement (Have you ever seen “FootLoose” with Kevin Bacon”? Well, sort of like that.). Women have voices but none that compare to or measure up to that of a mans. Their voices are to be shared with themselves and themselves only.
    I used to agree with this, but things began to change when I fell in love with and married my wonderful wife, who happens to be the most feisty woman I have ever known. She would not allow me to remain ignorant with my head buried deep in the sand, she challenged me to grow and does so also with many in our community.

    That art describes my wife and what happens when she opens her heart, mind and mouth. Brilliant!

  • Adam Julians

    I think it depends does it not? I know many women who are engouraged to speak out and do so. But then I live in an academic world for most of my daytime life. This might be “artificial” in some sence.

    The position I would take on what you have written is yes, what a woman can say can be explosive. What Martin Luther King sad was explosive likewise in the civil rights movement. I don’t think ayone of us who are resonable would deny such expression.

    At the same time let’s not assume every time a woman speaks out, she is doing so appropriately against patriarchal opression and that she hasn’t got some of her own things to consider and be challenged about? Some things about the extremes of rampant feminist rhetoric are just as bad as what some men have said about women.

  • Adam: This is what I’m talking about. What kind of “yes, but” do we add when men speak? None! Advocate for women raising their voices and someone had to add, “Oh but let’s not get carried away into rampant feminist rhetoric!”.

  • Louise la Francofun

    Thank you for this!

  • Mad =^..^=

    I guess I was lucky – I grew up with a strong tradition of women in every area of ministry. As a kid I didn’t know any women pastors personally, but I knew they existed. I met women missionaries who’d served in their own right all over the world, and my dad’s mentors and strongest supporters in his all-too-brief career as an inner-city minister and community oragnizer included some of those women.

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve known plenty of women in pastoral ministry, and they’ve all been amazing. Why any church would deny their calling is beyond me.

    When my mom served a term on the General Board of the American Baptist Churches-USA, she used to go out to the various churches to speak. Her favorite topic was women in ministry, and she was always surprised to find how much resistance there could be to the idea of women pastors. Her answer was always, “I don’t want to stand before my Maker on Judgment Day and have to answer the question, WHAT MADE YOU THINK YOU KNEW BETTER WHEN I CALLED MY DAUGHTER TO MY MINISTRY?” Go, Mom!

  • Mad =^..^=

    p.s. I just might have to steal this drawing for my Facebook cover photo, LOL! πŸ˜€

  • you’re welcome to use it. just credit nakedpastor πŸ˜‰

  • Mad =^..^=

    @nakedpastor – Credit where credit is due. Always.

  • Pat

    And sometimes you have to push through your ethnicity as well. A real triple threat!

  • oh yes. and then there’s that.

  • Kathy

    That’s some powerful graffiti, bro! I would love to see that on the side of some huge wall somewhere. <3

  • David M

    David: You’re going against centuries of blind dogma. Backlash is inevitable. Doesn’t mean you’re wrong, though. πŸ™‚ As I said on your page, this fits my girlfriend to a T, and I wouldn’t change a thing about her.

  • Gary

    @Sabio – Thanks

    @Rhonda – The term “naked bitch” works wonderfully well in my house as well. πŸ˜‰

  • Kris

    B.I.T.C.H. = Be in Total Control of Herself πŸ˜€

  • Syl

    How do you define “rampant feminist rhetoric”? If you’re thinking of “men are pigs” male-bashing, that is neither rampant nor feminist – it’s just bad manners. Feminist simply means that women are judged, not on the configuration of their body parts or quantity of X chromosomes, but based on the content of their character, abilities, and accomplishments. It means dealing with a woman as an individual rather than as a gender stereotype.

    The most ardent, outspoken, radical feminist I ever had the pleasure of knowing was the gentleman who taught me to fly airplanes. He was a WWII veteran and, at first blush, you’d see a macho Italian-American with no shortage of self-confident swagger. He expected the same level of competence and performance from all of his students regardless of gender or race, pushed all of us hard, and expected everyone to get their hands dirty caring for the airplanes we flew. He was the same with his employees in his regular job, where he managed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and other crafts people. They received assignments, promotions, and wages based on competence and job performance. Occasionally one of the guys would complain about the women getting the good jobs. Then you’d hear my friend’s “rampant (and radical) feminist rhetoric” in full voice. Quite simply, the best employees – competence, skill, follow-through, timeliness – got the best assignments. When the full-of-himself worker was performing as well as his female coworker, he’d get a better assignment. With that, grumpy Gus would be told to get back to work – with instruction on what he needed to improve going forward. And if one of the women had complained, she would have gotten the same earful – but for some odd reason, none of them ever did. Oh, I know – they were treated fairly, based on performance not gender. THAT is radical feminism.

    Of course, there are some who blanch at the thought of women pilots, mechanics, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. To them, the mere idea of women working – let alone excelling – in such capacities is shockingly radical. Those folks need to grow up. And if making such a statement counts as “rampant/radical feminist rhetoric” then we need a whole lot more of it.

  • David:
    In my inner culture the term ‘bitch’ is not gender specific.
    But your right. As ‘enlightened’ as mankind would like to think itself, there are still way too many individuals (and not all of them are men either) who still think strong minded, thought provoking women are either bitches, or lesbians (why sexual orientation has anything to do with the ability to think for ones self is still beyond me) – possibly both. And the only answer I can come up with is that the underlying issue with that hate-filled sexiest response isn’t really about the women, its about the men. Men who have no confidence in their own individuality, sexuality, or creative purpose – and therefore are intimated when they find women (and men) who are.