of such is the new world

of such is the new world cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Of Such is the New World” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

I wonder if the stories of Jesus with children… especially the one where he said “of such is the kingdom of heaven”… suggest that the new world is made up of people who look before, beneath and beyond the distinctions. Or, better, look right at them with compassionate wonder.

There are two ways to see distinctions. One way is to see them as flawed factors in the other necessitating division and separation. Another is to appreciate them as the beautifully distinctive features that enrich our lives.

We are fundamentally equal. We are not fundamentally the same. Beautiful!


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  • “We are fundamentally equal. We are not fundamentally the same. Beautiful!”


    We are all in the same boat. We all share the fellowship of sin. We all need a Savior. We all need Christ Jesus.

  • ccws

    “Out of the mouths of babies…” This one is BEYOND AWSUMOSITY! <3

  • Kris

    Beautiful and sad at the same time.

  • Jesus says we must become like little children, and I think you are right. I think that means we must return to that state of being before indoctrination and fear set in, back when we were full of love and wonder!

  • Maurice

    ” . . . superior to one another.”
    We all have an inbuilt desire to feel power over another, usually born out of our own anxieties, insecurities and lack of understanding as to who we really are and where we are going. As soon as we work out who we are and how we fit in, then the desire to dominate dissipates and love can really dwell in us.

  • I wish we could learn to disagree and love at the same time. All we’ve ever seen in history are the insecure and afraid; people who could not bear to live in the tension of unresolved arguments. To this day, we humans have only ever been able to kill the dissenters or discount differences as meaningless. I hope that we can learn a new way to disagree: see the differences, recognize their weight, gravity, and meaning, but still love each other as Christ loved us, even and especially when we disagree.

  • Georgina

    “We all share the fellowship of sin.”
    What a nasty, vicious thing to say – I am so offended!

  • This post was perfect for me. I’ve created an art project that has the focus of letting people represent their differences and showing the good deeds that they do despite the negative stereotypes that may apply to those labels. I’ve photographed over 1000 people so far. Hopefully it will encourage people to “appreciate them as the beautifully distinctive features that enrich our lives.”

  • sounds like a cool project troy

  • you’re right, it is nasty and vicious; but it’s also true. We all do things, big and small, that hurt our fellow human beings; and we are all in need of a savior to heal the brokenness from which this pain flows. How can we be healed if we can’t acknowledge the wound?

  • YellingMelon

    I hope their laudable objective will not be hindered by the fact that they’ve all apparently been assigned and branded with religious and ideological identities before they’re even old enough to comprehend the meaning of them, let alone make an informed decision for themselves.