sheep week: the new black

the new black cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“The New Black” (by nakedpastor, David Hayward)

Welcome to another installment for SHEEP WEEK! This sheep is the new black sheep. This is what I mean:

At the root of our divisions is the fear of the Other, the Different, the Not-Like-Us. I suggest that this deep-rooted fear spawned the scriptures that preach separation and segregation, which in turn spawn our established separations and segregations.

That is, those scriptures that we appeal to that sanction our segregations actually appeal to the divisions that already exist in our minds. We like to believe that we are obeying scriptures when in fact we marshall the scriptures to rally behind our ancient, latent fears.

This poor sheep is a victim of the fear of the flock.

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  • Gary

    Wow David…this portrays something I have been saying for a long time now.

    Love it!

  • thanks Gary

  • Carol

    The traditional social scapegoats are Jews, Blacks and Women.

    Of course, the Liberal victory of political correctness has ruled out any public scapegoating of these groups, so now we have Gays and Hispanics, especially Mexicans as the popular designated cause of all of our socioeconomic woes.

    While the diverse political ideologies are definitely not equal, some being more benign/benevolent and others being pathologically evil, political activism can only address symptoms of socioeconomic dysfunction not provide a cure.

    Political activism merely changes the players at the top, which historically have become equally corrupted as those they have replaced. Political power and the instinct to bond with those who share our interests and prejudices continue to perpetuate the struggle for advantages at the expense of othrs.

    Professing “christians” who have placed their faith in a political agenda [ 50’s agenda for Conservatives, 60’s for Liberals] rather than the transformational power of Grace are not only heretical, they have become apostate.

    Political activism is revolutionary. Sacred activism is evolutionary.

  • I think all segregation, whether black, NA, gay, Hispanic or even pasty white within and without the church community is the result of our fixation with us, rather than Christ. Somehow in the confusion of religion and denominationalism, we forgot Who choose who. We didn’t choose Him, He choose us – all of us, no matter the racial, sexual or religious orientation. So at what point did that change? When did our agreement with His decision for us, morph itself into “us and them”? In the Father’s eyes, there is just ‘us’ – all of equal value, all chosen, all made in His image and likeness – whether we agree with His choose or not.

  • Nathan Ward

    You fail to separate the scripture from the interpretation of scripture. You also choose a circular argument as the beginnings of fear. Do you also suggest a deep rooted love as the source for acceptance scriptures? Do you suggest that scripture is man devised and purposed? This picture is worth a thousand words and they are good ones, yet your words following are lacking in coherency and clarity.

  • I claim there is only the interpretation of scripture. There is no scripture without your hermeneutic. I also claim that it is indeed written by man. This is not to say it doesn’t have truth or value. I’ve never been unclear about that.

  • Nathan Ward

    Deal. Why are your written words above stating,”…the scriptures that preach …”. It is hard to see room for interpretation with wording such as that. You see without full knowledge of you and your teachings it is easy to misinterpret one “passage”. Does it make the passage wrong? The bible as a whole speaks very little about wrong and very much about right. Very little of segregation and very much about inclusion.
    Your line of thought above suggests that we are just following some sort of inner emotional instinct. Are we doing this regardless of which way we are heading? Where does the value or truth stop and end when it comes to the bible?