well developed women

well developed women April 10, 2013
well developed woman cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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For many it doesn’t matter if a person is well developed spiritually or intellectually or has developed excellent leadership skills. If this person has developed breasts and female genitalia then it invalidates the former. This person’s unsuitable for ministry because she’s a she.

Gender trumps intelligence, spiritual maturity and leadership. It is said that we are just talking about someone’s role, not their value. It is insisted that they still appreciate intelligent, mature, strong women, but that their place has been assigned by scripture and that has to be observed.

I’m still giggling about the cartoon I did Monday, “too bad women teachers have bodies” because not everyone got that I had drawn female breasts and genitalia, but saw an owl or some such thing. Maybe that’s good? Maybe it served as a Rorschache Test and outed those who are aware of the problems with misogynist theology. Or…?

The person in the cartoon above is well developed. This person is intelligent. This person has some degrees too. This person is spiritually mature and wise and has ministry experience from when this person was a student. This person has strong leadership skills. This person has all the tools needed to help men and women in their spiritual walk. But… this person is, well, developed in other ways that nullify her gifts.

It all depends on how you’re endowed.

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  • Ed Hooper

    One good example is the daughter of Billy Graham. I don’t know her name, but I remember she is equally a great preacher as her dad. But because she’s a woman they gave the day to day operation of the ministry to his son Franklin. Bad mistake. I think she would have made papa proud.

  • Carol

    I don’t know much about either of the Billy Graham offspring, but, IMO, dynasties in either politics or religion are generally not positive–too much inherited prestige, power and privilege, which tends to feed egoistic narcissism. Of course, there are always exceptions. . . .

    On another subject, when there is sustained victimization there is usually some complicity on the part of the victims. This is not “blaming the victim”, this is asking the victims to reclaim their power to the extent that circumstances permit.

    Ladies, you really don’t have to get those breast implants as a means of being noticed and desired by men.

    My daughter, Kerrin [who has a very active imagination], reminded me that those things are not biodegradable. She says she wonders what archeologists in the distant future will speculate when they start unearthing skeletons with the implants. I suppose the same could be said about male penal implants. Are they also non-biodegradable?

    There is the joke about nursing homes being populated by an aging population with breast and penal implants who can no longer remember what they should do with them.

    When a society succumbs to hedonistic narcissism, life together becomes very weird indeed!

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -J. Krishnamurti, author, speaker, and philosopher (1895-1986)

  • Carol

    Opps, another boo-boo, it’s penile implants. Might have been a Freudian slip. I guess I see a lot of our surgical and chemical “fixes” as self-abuse/punishment.

  • Gary

    Agree Carol that ladies do not need to get breast implants to be noticed and desired by men. But neither do I think a woman who chooses to get them for whatever reason should be labeled with any kind of motive. Nor do I think a desire to be more attractive (even sexually) is necessarily a bad thing. When I began to have a significant amount of male pattern baldness I made the choice to begin shaving my head all together. This makes me look younger and much more attractive (so I am told) than I would if I left things the way they are naturally. Am I vain? Perhaps a little. But is some amount of pride in my appearance a bad thing. I believe just as much as we should never feel compelled to change ourselves to fit some standard of society, we should also not be stereotyped for a desire for change either.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1YnnyXNItqk&bpctr=1365585109

    Nazara–Christian. Yesterday’s video. Muslims should cry out against this.

  • Carol

    Gary, I agree with you. I did not intend to address the legitimate reasons for getting breast implants like mastectomies, for example. There are also legitimate reasons for getting breast reductions, nose jobs and many other body modification surgical proceedures.

    As for shaving one’s head, that is not much different from styling one’s hair–not quite in the same league as a surgical procedure, but, yes, wanting to improve one’s appearance, as long as it does not become an obsession [I am thinking of the heart-wrenching tragedy of Michael Jackson], is no more culpable than wanting to improve one’s mind or any other natural attribute.

  • Aviatrix

    The thing that those who pull the “it’s just a role” card don’t get is that they nullify the argument they’re trying to make.

    If it is indeed a role, function, job, then what matters is the competence of the person to fill that role, function, job. Gender, race, or other personal characteristics not related to performing the task are immaterial.

    To say that someone is a great teacher or would be an effective leader or is a wonderful counselor and mentor but, sorry, their genetic configuration isn’t suitable is nothing more than bigotry. It doesn’t matter if it’s given the patina of “God said it”. It doesn’t matter if the person holding that view has only the best intentions and would never be described as a bigot. The result is the same. And one of the sad things about it is that this sort of dogma makes otherwise good and big hearted people behave as though they were bigots. The motive is immaterial – the effect on others is not made less negative because it’s believed and acted on with sincere good intention.

    The disclaimer is an attempt to save face, justify something that is otherwise ridiculous, prevent sensitive egos from being challenged, and maintain an old and moldy status quo.

    Guess there’s no doubt about my feelings on the matter, is there?

  • Gary

    No doubt at all Aviatrix. 🙂
    And I agree with you totally. It is Bigotry, no matter the intention.

  • Claire

    Another over-simplified opinion that does not reflect reality. A belief about someone that hones in on one characteristic of a person and finds them unworthy and “less than”, regardless if they were born with them or had them implanted. Gary, what a wonderful perspective! Who are we to judge? Big, little, black or white, doesn’t make a difference in regards to someone’s intelligence, competence, spirituality, worth and on and on. Just another form of “shallowness” no matter how you look at it! Love this David!

  • You know that behind the sanctuary, those same men are certainly allowing her to minister to them.

    You are an irreverent man!
    Feigning to be a feminist!

  • Gary

    Yeah Carol I did not really think you meant i that way either…but your comments left room for such thought and opened the door well to allow me to air my beef with the issue from another perspective.

    I am still intrigued though by your comment that there are “legitimate reasons for getting breast implants like mastectomies, for example.” What is legitimate is very much in the eye of the beholder. And I don’t think some form of mutilation or defect is necessary for one to have a legitimate desire to make a change (even a surgical one). Even the desire to enhance one’s sexual appeal can be legitimate. After all, God made us as very sexual creatures and declared it to be good. The point I am very much making is that outside of some type of abuse or destructive behavior…it truly is up to each of us to decide what, how, and why we make our choices.

    David apologies if these comments are steering away from your intended point. But I actually think it dovetails in well with the conversation. Perhaps one of the reasons we struggle with the issue of women in leadership at all is because of this church induced phobia of all sexual thought. I am a man who is very sexually attracted to the female form. Yes sometimes in non-sexual conversations with an attractive woman I will notice her sex appeal and have a sexual thought. But this is literally the way God designed us. I don’t need to fear that I will suddenly lose all control and assault or molest her. And she is most certainly not responsible for my ability to control myself, even if she chooses to accent her sexuality.

  • We are all one in Christ. “Neither male nor female…”

    If the Living God can’t use the words that come out of as female’s mouth (granted that they are law/gospel words and about Jesus) for His purposes…then he really wouldn’t be much of a God…but a puny twirpy god that required only certain genitalia to get his work done.

  • Aviatrix

    Old Steve, except for your caveat in the parentheses (why place that limit? No – don’t answer that – I don’t want to spoil the moment) I’d say you’re spot on. I’ll give you a high five on this and say old Steve’s an alright guy. (Now, I didn’t say _all_ right, so don’t let it go to your head.) 😉

  • beqisjunkmail@yahoo.com

    As a woman who is naturally top heavy, I applaud your ability to see us as people, which is sorely lacking in this sexually adolescent society. Breasts are not inversely proportionate to brains; nor are they jars you keep your promiscuity in. Bravo, sir.