i don’t need a label and neither do you

label maker cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
click on the label maker and see what happens

I wrote this for the members of The Lasting Supper but I wanted to share it with you too:

I don’t need to be anywhere.

I don’t need to be a Christian. I don’t need to be in church. I don’t need to be an atheist. I don’t need to sign a membership card. Anywhere! Except maybe Cosco.

Courage means continuing in spite of the fear. The fear of not belonging anywhere can be overwhelming at times. Especially if there are people on the sidelines of your life screaming or whispering for your allegiance.

As I told a friend this morning: “It’s my process and I embrace it unashamedly.” So even though the pressure is to take a stand somewhere, I resist the urge. I’m going to keep moving. I’m not finished yet.

I don’t need to be anywhere. And neither do you.

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  • In other words…

    Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Sounds like you just joined this guy:


    Standford Nutting will be glad to Stand With You For Nothing!

  • Dennis Irwin

    “I don’t need to be anywhere. And neither do you.”…..

    You’ve lost your mind.

    I need to be there…..

    As a Dad for my kids. They depend on me.

    As the boss man….my employees need it.

    As my wife’s husband……she needs me.

    As a leader in my church……they need to see they’re not the only ones.

    As a good friend to my buddy…..because his wife just left him, and I can help.

    As a good citizen…to keep freak progressives from completely destroying everything.

    I don’t know what kind of “pastor” you were for 30 years, but I often wonder why you just don’t start your own church and show us how it’s done.

  • Al Cruise

    I thought you smarter than this. You completely missed the point, Are you a neo-Calvinist reformer?

  • Dave is merely saying that you CAN care about others and do good things without hanging your spiritual hat on any particular hook.

  • I’ve lost my mind but you’re the one listening to me.

  • Gary

    Surely you are deliberately missing the point and being confrontational just for the sake of being an ass. Because otherwise you are displaying a real lack of ability to comprehend what is a fairly plain point, and a good one at that.

  • klhayes

    You know it’s funny, when I was a little kid I was always asked “what are you?” (they were asking about my race). Of course I thought it was pretty obvious but others didn’t . And that bothered them and they needed to put me in a category. Sometimes it’s not about labeling ourselves-it is about other people needing a label for us.

  • Al Cruise

    I agree with you Jeff. I fact you can do much more without a label. You can love and care about people that Church’s with labels say you cannot.They may not outright say it, but the undercurrent is there about “who and how” to love others who don’t fit their mold.. Anyone who’s been in a fundy Church knows what I mean.

  • klhayes

    I was going try and say the same thing Al, but could not find the words. Well said!

  • m. castleberry

    Honestly when he said “leader” in his church, that was the first thing I thought, as well. Though that’s because of my own baggage, at least in part. “Leader” is a common enough word, but in neo-Calvinist churches it means “man”.

  • ccws

    I’m a Heretic. That’s MY label, and I wear it proudly!

  • Peter Dickson

    Got to keep moving/keep moving/ got a hellhound on my trail… hellhound on my trail. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1vZ3NIuJ3s Awesome cartoon, as usual.

  • Fiona Ogilvie

    I am me… and that can change from day to day…. that’s it! Love it David!