oh my God there’s a friendly atheist!

atheist and believer grave cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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I’m in love with an atheist, Hemant Mehta, the The Friendly Atheist. In my philosophical construct, he and I are no different, but are essentially connected and united. So we might as well seal the deal.

I know this comes as a shock to many of you because this last April Fool’s Day me and Rob Bell were married. But I just can’t help myself.

He wrote a post today about “It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Mock Church Culture” in which he applauds Stephanie Drury of Stuff Christian Culture Likes and me, the nakedpastor, for critiquing all that is wrong with the church and its leaders. I don’t like the word “mock”. I prefer “critique”, but, oh well. Whatevs.

If you want to read some background about the point of his post, you can read my post, “Richard Clark and the Preemption of Anger” where I critique his typical chastisement of the likes of Stephanie and me for giving people too much space and time to vent their anger, frustrations, and heal from their wounds.

So I just wanted to give him a shout out and say thanks.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • I love Hemant more! You can’t have him!

  • Threesome.

  • klhayes

    hahahaha! I had the same reaction to the cartoon of the girl in a wheelchair at the cemetary that you drew some time ago. I like it when people take on the morbid.

  • Fight! FIGHT!

  • Thanks for the kind words! And I appreciate how your love for me was punctuated by our gravestones 🙂

  • Livin

    So NakedPastor why aren’t you on the atheist channel? I have friends that are Christians,Wiccans,Atheists but I do not respect those who are afraid of who they are. It seems you are afraid to leave the Christian label when you are really an atheist.

  • Hey Livin… I don’t need anyone’s respect, especially if it requires me to be something I’m not. Can I be your friend if I’m part atheist part of the time?

  • Livin

    I guess it confuses me as to how a Christian can also be an Atheist. Have you thought about a life philosophy like Stoicism or a secular religion like Objectivism?

  • I feel no need to find a label to describe me. Perhaps that’s my own neurosis. Not sure. But I really feel no anxiety about it. I’m comfortable and at peace not subscribing to any specific system.