Arizona will finally be free of homosexuals!

gay to straight cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

(***UPDATE: Apparently this is a hoax. However, let’s pretend it’s true, as many would like it to be and many honestly do think this way.)

Sit any 12 year old child down who thinks he’s gay and tell him:

“Listen! You’re really not a homosexual. God created you heterosexual. So you’re disobeying God. You’re sinning. You are turning yourself into a freak. Now you have a gay demon, and it’s all your fault. Things will not go well for you. You are going to be ridiculed, persecuted, judged and you will not be able to enjoy your rights. You won’t have friends of the same sex because you’ll just want to have sex with them. You are going to walk funny. You are going to want to have sex with everything, and you are going to be a child-molester. Then when you die from AIDS, you will go to Hell to burn forever. Now, would you like us to help you be straight?”

What do you think he’s going to say?

What if all Arizona public schools were going to use the very controversial People Can Change program, also known as “gay-to-straight therapy”?

Here’s one of the supposed things Huls of People Can Change, said:

“Since 2000 ‘People Can Change’ has been helping thousands of children resolve their unwanted same-sex attractions. We bring the gay demons out of these individuals so they can become who god intended them to be… Facing the reality that you have unwanted homosexual feelings can cause tremendous turmoil – especially as a child whose feelings conflict with deeply held values, beliefs and life goals. But there is a way out. A path that leads them to resolve rather than fight their homosexual feelings. A path to authentic brotherhood and to our innate heterosexual masculinity.”

You’ve heard of Arizona’s controversially tough sheriff Joe Arpaio. Here’s what he was supposed to have said:

“Less gays in our jails makes for a smoother running prison system. There will be no more prancing around along with all the other gay activities that homosexuals like to do… More importantly, we as parents can now sleep a little better at night just knowing there will be less gays out there wandering the streets trying to molest our children.”

Even if it’s not true, I know there are those who would like to believe it is. I’ve talked with people who actually believe these things about homosexuals:

  1. They don’t want to be gay.
  2. They are demon-possessed.
  3. They weren’t created gay.
  4. They are disobeying God.
  5. They go against our values, beliefs and goals.
  6. They can’t have meaningful friendships with people of the same sex.
  7. They are broken.
  8. They are a bother.
  9. They prance around.
  10. They are all promiscuous.
  11. They are dangerous to our children.
  12. They infest prisons and make running them difficult.
  13. They prowl the streets looking for victims.
  14. They are child molesters.

Have they ever considered that the enormous pressure to not be gay, the shame, the ridicule, the judgement, the condemnation, the negative ramifications on their lives… have they ever considered that these are the reasons people would rather not be gay? If they were accepted, appreciated, affirmed and allowed to live free lives like heterosexuals can then I bet most gays would want to be gay.

People can change. That’s true. But apparently the people who need to change the most are the ones in power, and they simply won’t!

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  • Evidence2Hope

    Urgh. I just have no words for what the authorities in Arizona have said, so I’m going with this:

  • Clayton P. King

    I posted a different article on this subject and a friend pointed out that it was a hoax. Please check it out and let us know.

  • Jessica

    Just when I think Arizona can’t get any more messed up, they go and do something like this. WTF is wrong with Arizona?

  • Joey Reid

    Dave, I think you’ve been taken in by an “Onion”-like news site. “Scientists Discover Link Between Cat Feces and Juggaloism”; “RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan”; “Lindsay Lohan’s British Identical Twin Living A Wonderful Life In London”. Fake stories – just not funny enough to be recognizable as such.

  • Caryn LeMur

    David: please check the following Link:

    This would most likely be a satire news site, like Onion in DC. You can see the ‘resume’ of the author of the article.

    ” Paul Horner, Staff Writer

    ” Mr. Horner has won numerous awards for journalism including a Peabody Award and a Pulitzer Prize. He was recently in the media for his heroics in stopping a robbery by quoting Pulp Fiction. ”

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • David, this one appears to be a satirical website.
    (And, perhaps, not a very funny one…)

    However, the satire is so effective because people actually believe these things!

  • Jeremy

    I find the article offensive because I currently volunteer with the organization (People Can Change) which you have slandered here. I am also puzzled by your obvious ignorance about Reparative Therapy and the healing it brings. While People Can Change has never worked with minors and none of us would ever suggest a minor (or anyone) should be forced into anything, it is puzzling to me that you believe in this bizarre caricature of what ministry and healing organizations provide to Christians who struggle with homosexuality.

    Reparative Therapy uses ALL of the same modalities as other psychologists and therapists. The difference is that Reparative Therapy recognizes the individuals right to choose to live according to their own values and to seek healing. There is ZERO evidence to suggest that Reparative Therapy has ever been harmful to ANYONE.

    I had a brief introduction to Reparative Therapy when I was 14 years old. It was a very positive experience. At the time, I was not serious about seeking healing, but at least I knew it was available. For 12 years, I lived the gay lifestyle and had multiple live-in boyfriends. Finally, about four years ago, I’d had enough and surrendered my life to Christ. As I sought to live a chaste life, I knew that Reparative Therapy could help me find healing and so I sought it out. It was the BEST thing I ever did. I am so grateful for Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and all of the therapists at NARTH who help people like me. I am also very grateful to People Can Change for their programs which have helped over 1,800 men.

    I recently started a ministry to help bring Reparative Therapy information and resources to men of faith in remote areas through video-conferencing. Our website is:

    God Bless,

  • tom sellier

    So you post something that is a hoax. But then go on to make points based on that hoax? Doesn’t that make your points not relevant? Do I hear a clanging symbol?
    And what church circles do you frequent David. I have been a Christian saved by the blood and cross of Jesus for decades and have not come across any true believers who think like you describe them? If they are a minority why do you even mess with them? We don’t. And you got everything you want didn’t you. You can marry. You can adopt children. There are many churches that accept you gladly and marry you. But still you are unhappy? You are unhappy because God will not give you peace. He troubles your mind. You must be born again. Or you will never have peace. Seek Jesus now, when you can find Him. There will come a day when you will seek Him with all your heart and it will be too late.

  • Reality

    David Haywood,
    Very Interesting how quickly some hoaxes will get circulated like they are the most interesting topics and most important stories, when there is so little time or effort spent into researching the validity of it.

    “A lie will travel the world before the truth even gets out of bed”

    There are several blatantly wrong facts in the article that I will start with. Just because I am tired of horrible journalists getting away with posting lies that nobody calls them out for. It is a solid fact that you have little value of the truth and you bear false witness. Jesus is not impressed.

    1. Arizona placed no such ruling and it taking no such actions whatsoever.

    2. Absolutely nobody involved with the “People Can Change” Organization has ever referred to a “gay demon” or anything of that sort.

    3. No such quotes were ever made by anyone….ever….seriously why make things up like this?

    4. No one calls it “gay-to-straight therapy” it is called Reparative therapy.

    Your article is jam packed full of misconceptions and improper understanding of certain aspects of the issue of homosexuality, but I know you don’t care enough for the truth, so I won’t waste my time. I just hope nobody takes you seriously witht he lies you spread.

    God Bless

  • Reality

    Proof that this entire article is fake:
    Super Official News shared a link.
    2 hours ago near Phoenix, AZ
    Last night I wrote a fake press release about the most evil things in the world that I could think of. My story revolved around Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio endorsing a new mandatory gay-to-straight program that will be implemented for all children K-12 beginning November 1st. I wrote it pretty quick and I was happy with the results. I even did some sweet Photoshop work on Jan Brewer’s picture so it looked like the podium she’s speaking from has a banner on it from the pure evil website/company I started getting some visitors to it, then I went to bed.

    SO, I wake up today and IT IS EVERYWHERE on the internet! From the Phoenix New Times to national publications, all around Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc…so frickin’ rad!

    The pure evil gay-to-straight website/company I used in the story that Jan Brewer speaks about… well I guess they got FLOODED with phone calls and emails because they put this up at the very top of their homepage:

    They write it like THEY are the victims in all of this. Check it out, it’s so great. It reads like something Hitler would write after gassing millions of Jews and then getting busted for it.

    Good – 1
    Evil – 0

  • Steve

    The post remains because truth is irrelevant.

  • Worthless Beast

    Hoaxing aside…

    I grew up in Arizona. (I live in Pennsylvania now). I tell my fiancee’, whenever we hear about some weird political stuff going on in my old home – “It’s hot there. You have no idea what the summers are like there. The desert fries people’s brains.”

    Like I’m one to talk, having spent my childhood there – but you know, whenever a politican there does something stupid, I look at what time of year it is and wonder about how much time they spend outside. I’m pretty weird myself… I mean… you try a few 120-degree summers and see if your brain doesn’t get broiled.

  • Caryn LeMur

    Jeremy: I rejoice with you that Reparative Therapy worked for you. I recall how the snake pits appeared to heal the insane in dark ages… and have come to believe that perhaps, in some cases, it did work.

    However, you are most likely aware of the apologies by Exodus leaders: Bussee, Chambers, and Thomas; and the apology by Love in Action, John Schmidt. Everyone was sincere, by all means… and have had the courage to admit to being sincerely wrong.

    As far as evidence of damage from Reparative Therapy, please study the arguments presented in the State of California, or contact those that claim to have been damaged by Reparative Therapy… hear their voices, Jeremy. I am sure that some of them will rejoice for you, by the way, and wish you God’s blessing upon your journey.

    When Jesus healed the blind man, it was not the mud that healed the blindness… it was Jesus.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Caryn LeMur

    Tom: David is straight, and married. In all my interactions with David, I’ve not found him to be “unhappy”. I think you need to do better research….

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • I’m honestly starting to think “tom” is not a real person but a troll.

  • Reading that makes me realize that the concept of a supernatural Canon makes it hard for people to believe that some of his writers got God wrong, in the same way Augustine, Aquinas, Wesley or Luther did.

    In France most people opposed to gay marriage don’t care if two homosexuals live together.

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

  • Gary

    Troll or not…his only purpose here seems to be to offend and condemn.

  • Brian_Joness

    You can live a chaste life all you want, but don’t pretend if you were heterosexual it would be any different. There is zero evidence that your psyche abuse works and from the people that I have seen and the reports by the APA it definitely does harm. You can live a chaste life without contributing the harm of others. I have met many people that have been to camps like yours.

  • Brian_Joness

    ‘gay-to-straight therapy’ would be a heck of a lot LESS offensive than “reparative therapy.” It would also be more accurate. I think “pray the gay away” is really the key expression… or “torture the gay away.”

  • Gary

    “It is a solid fact that you have little value of the truth and you bear false witness. Jesus is not impressed.”

    You make this kind of deliberately inflammatory accusation and then have the balls to conclude your tirade with “God Bless”???

    BTW – Your head in the sand nonsense is easily refuted. Many of the attitudes expressed in David’s piece (In which he also acknowledges the story is a hoax) very clearly mirror beliefs in fundamental circles. These include gay demon possession.

  • Gary

    That is bullshit Steve and you know it!!

  • tom sellier

    You miss my point Caryn. But if you agree with David’s view on Christianity you do not understand God’s unconditional love.

  • tom sellier

    Greater is He who is in us Jeremy than he who is in the world. And we know they too can be saved if they give up following the evil one and turn to Jesus. Very powerful testimony young man shared by countless others in the world but not of the world. Caryn you have the appearance of godliness but not the substance. You cannot say to Jeremy what you did and believe in the Jesus of the Bible.

  • Gary

    Let me guess…your fucking bullshit is supposed to be the shining example of this “unconditional love”???


  • Thanks Brian,
    I’d love to hear from anyone who has evidence of what you speak of. You can contact me through my blog at:

    Even people I know who have gone to JiM and decided to stay in the gay lifestyle speak very highly of the program and say it was still one of the best experiences of their life. The APA claims that people can become distressed IF they are told that they can be “cured” and don’t see that result. They make no other claims of “harm” whatsoever. No Reparative Therapist claims to have a “cure” but we all know that the therapy is beneficial. Real harm comes from those who claim homosexuality is “genetically predetermined.” When I was in High School, a counselor told me I was “born gay” and “couldn’t change.” It would have been better if she had told me I was “born to be a Heroin addict” and then shoved a needle in my arm. “

  • “torture the gay away”???

    Brian, ALL Reparative Therapy is based on increasing self-esteem, self-confidence, and personal autonomy. Those are great things for anyone – regardless of what choices they may make in the future.

    When I sought out Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, I knew it would be beneficial – even though I wasn’t yet sure whether full change was possible. I knew I still had plenty of time to go back to waving the rainbow flag – IF I wanted to.

    Everything about Reparative Therapy is helpful and beneficial. I know several straight guys who have gone to Journey into Manhood because it helped them in other areas of their life. How does increasing someone self-esteem and affirming their intrinsic self-worth and self-acceptance relate to “torture”?


  • Brian_Joness

    Sorry Jeremy, you are still gay.

    Always were and always will be. How much of your life are you going to waste trying to lie to yourself?

    If you want proof of the harm and the fact that the torture and humiliation does not work, then just talk to the founders of exodus who apologized for ever starting it. Or ask the second pair of leaders who shut it down this year and apologized for the harm they caused.

    Fool yourself all you want, just don’t spread the self-loathing.

  • Caryn,
    I have studied the issue more than most. I am aware of those who claim “harm” and have talked with them. Their claims have nothing to do with Reparative Therapy itself, but rather their own unmet emotional wounds that RT could have actually helped them with – IF they had been willing.

    I have also corresponded with Alan Chambers, Thomas, and all of the major leaders of Exodus over the last three years. Their “apologies” have no relevance at all because NONE of them ever participated in or experienced ANY form of Reparative Therapy. Listening to a speech ABOUT Reparative Therapy is far different from experiencing it. That is like someone listening to a speech about Oncology and then deciding that medical professionals should not be engaged in helping people with cancer because the SPEECH itself didn’t cure them.

    I started my own ministry about two years ago. It began as a small local group and has grown to 170+ participants from 38 countries. It is mostly a support group, but I try to connect men who are seeking help with resources that can help them. Our purpose isn’t about “making people straight” but about healing.


  • Brian_Joness

    There is a lot of money to be made off of exploiting peoples insecurities. I am more concerned about sending children to these camps against their will. If giving people vomit inducing drugs and telling them that they need to be “repaired” isn’t abuse I don’t know what is. It is the opposite of building self-esteem and self-worth. You will recognize this later, just like everyone else before you.

  • So it’s ok to slander someone you disagree with because others who you also disagree with have said things you don’t like – even though the people you are slandering have never anything of that sort and have no connection at all with the fundamentalists you sited?

    Have you heard of Exodus 20:16? You might check out the part about “bearing false witness.”

  • Oswald Carnes

    Apparently there have been quite a few “he”s in Jeremy.

  • Gary

    So quoting his slanderous statement is somehow slander??

    What rock did you crawl out from under?

  • Gary

    And seriously…lay off the goofy bible boogey man threats.

  • Brian,
    Reparative Therapy has never included “vomit inducing drugs” or anything outside of mainstream therapy. “Reparative Therapy” also does not tell anyone that THEY need to be “repaired.” It used well established mainstream therapy to address the wounds that individual may be trying to heal through unhealthy behavior. For more information, check out the NARTH website ( ) or ask anyone who has ever actually been to a NARTH therapist.


  • I oppose NARTH with every fiber of my being.

  • Brian_Joness

    “Reparative Therapy has never included “vomit inducing drugs””

    Yes, it most certainly has. It also has included electric shocks to the genitals and all sorts of crazy things that desperate people would let non-mainstream therapists (aka quacks) subject them to.

    You can’t call it “well established mainstream therapy” when the American Psychological Association, American Medical Association and countless other mainstream medical institutions condemn it. At least NJ and California call it what it is; child abuse.

    Of course adults can do whatever they want to themselves and pay people to take advantage of their insecurities.

    As society becomes more and more accepting of gay people, there will be a lot less talk of “reparative therapy” because what’s the point? Don’t be scared to be yourself and live your life.

  • tom sellier

    Brian Jones, if you only knew how wicked your comment is you would beg Jeremy’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of Jesus too. As long as your heart is beating Brian you have a chance but no one knows that day when God requires His breath back. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

  • tom sellier

    Oswald, you prove the Bible true where it says, “To the unholy nothing is holy.”

  • Brian_Joness

    I feel for Jeremy. I am sure he has been through a lot, enough so to start a blog about it. In my opinion he has been a victim of prejudiced and fearful people (or people that simply want money). It is common to fear “the other.” I just don’t want anyone else to go through the same needless pain that Jeremy did. I certainly don’t want Jeremy to spread it around like it is a good thing (he has been conditioned to believe that). I know at this point in time that probably hurts Jeremy’s feelings but I believe I am good with Jesus on that one.

    Look at you throwing around accusations of wickedness to anyone that disagrees with you! My heart is pure and well-intentioned, how is yours?

  • tom sellier

    The mark of a heretic is one who NEEDS, CRAVES, no DEMANDS everyone agree with him. What you say about me doesn’t matter. You can’t handle the truth. So you make up your own David. Were you removed from preaching because of that?

  • hahaha can’t you see tom how you’ve just accused yourself? that was a good laugh.

  • Steve

    I find no other way to interpret a sentence like, “apparently this is a hoax. However, let’s pretend it’s true”

  • Who among us says in almost every other comment posted that if you don’t agree with me you are going to BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY? For those of us who have moved beyond such a fear-based outlook, your rantings and threats are just silly and tiresome.