join the church and get a free set of knives

knives in back cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Knives in Back” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

Knives in backs everywhere. Some in our hands. Some in our backs.

My post yesterday, John MacArthur sends 500,000,000 Charismatics to Hell in Just One Hour got a lot of attention.

Then Mark Driscoll’s gimmick of crashing MacArthur’s “Strange Fire” conference. He was handing out his book on the gifts of the Spirit at MacArthur’s conference where they were criticizing them. Driscoll tweeted that MacArthur confiscated his books when MacArthur’s team claims Driscoll wouldn’t take them but left them. They even offered to carry them back to his car but Mark declined and left.

If you want to see what I think is the best business gimmick of all time, check out founder of Virgin Richard Branson’s stunt against British Airways. BA failed to erect the famous London Eye on time. Quickly, Branson sent up a blimp with this on the side: “BA Can’t Get It Up”. Simple as that. They were competitors, but it was in good fun. It clearly thrust Branson into the spotlight in a competitive but fair way.

A lot of the competition that is going on in the name of religion or Jesus Christ is not so good humored. Even though I’m involved in the game, I encourage people to be direct but also kind. Whenever I do a cartoon or a post I always imagine meeting whomever I am critiquing after it is published. Will it be a comfortable meeting? Will I regret having posted the cartoon or post? Also, I critique the person’s ideas, words or actions. I hope I forever succeed in not condemning the person.

Hey! If you want a community that doesn’t have knives, or at least doesn’t use them, consider joining our online community The Lasting Supper.

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  • Cecilia Davidson

    The competition aspect is stupid, demeaning, and immature, really, especially when it comes to the goal of trying to make a community.
    This is one reason why mega churches make me feel icky.

  • I got out of churches many years ago. I’ve made many bad decisions in my life but David’s cartoons always cheer me up because they make me see I made at least one really good one.
    I love your gory humor dude!
    (BTW, this happens in Hindu temples, Buddhist meditation halls and many other non-Christian communities. As my daughter said today on our car ride, “Daddy, Humans are the deadliest animals.”)

  • your daughter sounds awesome. reminds me of mine.

  • We are lucky men!

  • Mike Cash

    I’m an Episcopalian. We always “pass the peace” at mass which makes this cartoon particularly funny to me. Thanks for a good laugh about a sad situation!

  • Pass the peace, and then on the way home in the car, bad mouth all those people you passed peace with: talk about their clothes, their kids, their politics, their theology, their lack of something or whatever you can to make you feel better about yourself.

    I think that happens a little, no?

  • Mike Cash

    I’m sure that happens. Hopefully only a little. 🙂

  • Thanx Mike. Yeah, I’d hope only a little too.

  • Riley

    Pastor Mark, Do Reformed Churches Really Neglect the Holy Spirit?

  • Guest

    This is where this belongs:
    I get it now, it is you with the knife in MacArthur’s back: Yea much love from you as you get others also to back you up, as you gather a mob in your new found community to slaughter those that rub you the wrong way:

    I have listened to this man’s video all the way through 2 times, I can not find anywhere that says what you have accused this man of:

    O.K. from 15 min in I started to listen all the way through because me and those worship songs just don’t get along: I am very much a more up beat kind of music gal, I need music that wakes the dead:

    I agree with Riley:

    I can find at 1:19:30 into this video what this man says, that it is the work of the Holy Spirit to take those who are marred and scared, corrupted images bearers bound for hell and restore them into the likeness of Jesus Christ then He goes on to comment on the leaders of the movements: (Maybe not in those exact words but close)

    I too ask of you David to give us where this MacArthur guy says what you say: I could have missed a thing: But according to what he says 1:19:30 into the video, I can see clarity needs to be had:

    Thank-you David and thank you Riley for pointing this out:
    In Jesus Name Alexandria:

  • Mark

    Humor is not something I would ever think to attribute to either John MacArthur or Mark Driscoll. But I do take your point about being polite. I’m afraid I get so aggravated at the BS those guys – and others like them – spew out as God’s truth that I often forget to be polite, either about their theological pontificating, or in response to many of the comments others make in support of their nonsense.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  • I’m not sure what I like more about this pic: cutting edge humor or the sharp wit?