Theologians and the God Guessers

god guessers cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“God Guessers” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

(*** You can purchase a fine art reproduction of this cartoon in my store!)

You’ve heard the story of the blind men who were standing around an elephant trying to describe what they were feeling. One thought a tree. Another thought a snake. Another thought a mountain.

Whenever I draw a cartoon or write a post, I always try to write from a humble posture. I don’t always succeed. But I try. Because I know all too well that we are all just guessing. One guess might be better than another. But it is still a guess. I think we forget that.

I’ve also concluded that theology can be misleading in its promises. When the bible says that even the devils believe yet tremble, it means that just because you believe the right things doesn’t necessarily make you right or even good.

I like what the philosopher Slavoj Žižek says: “As I always repeat, what we philosophers can do is just correct the questions.”

I want to respond to John MacArthur’s opinion of Charismatics as summarized by Tim Challies. In his assertions I believe he got something terribly wrong. Stay tuned for that later today.

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  • Gary

    Love the message of this post David. (And of course the very clever toon depicting the absurdity)

    I am anxious to read your thoughts on John McArthur’s address. After reading the summary I was left with such a bad taste in my mouth. All the arrogance of believing one KNOWS, which I experienced in church, came flooding back. Of course the infighting and attacks on those who believe a bit differently, even from within the faith, and going so far as to declare most are lost and condemned to hell. And not just any hell…but a “hotter” hell. I guess that is the result of what struck me the most in his address. There was absolutely no grace in his message whatsoever. He was so obsessed with being right (as if such a thing is possible) that he turned his back on the very core of the gospel.

    Theologically I of course have a great deal of problems with his beliefs. But this is not my issue with him. My issue is with his heartless portrayal of Christianity. I cling to very few beliefs as absolutes these days. But there is one which has become my guiding principle in my search for my truth and that is simply this. Where there is no love…there is no truth.

  • David, nice!
    I think it would also be possible to craft a similar cartoon with each blindfolded person with their name on their tee-shirt. Names like the following:
    Luke, Matthew, Mark, John, Paul, Peter, James,
    Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon, Isaiah, etc…

  • Thanks Gary. Working on it now 😉

  • Caryn LeMur

    In the spirit of this excellent cartoon, and for the upcoming response to MacArthur, may I offer this most excellent moment of comedy?

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • klhayes


  • this NEVER gets old

  • Thought provoking but I think it all comes back to AGAPE, Pistis working through agape as the NT puts it.

  • Al Cruise

    Absolutely excellent. To take it one step deeper the real elephant in the room is this question. What happens to me when I die? There isn’t anybody here who will read this that knows actually what will really happen. That’s the correct question. Our explanations of God are products of that unknown and our fear of it.

  • Caryn LeMur

    By what standard do we judge?

    By his accent? By his total-world view? By his articulation? By his voice?

    In the same way, do we use the Berean standard – searching the OT to see if the statements of even an apostle are correct [Acts 17]? Or, do we use the Gamaliel standard – if it is of God, it will prosper; if not of God, it will fail… let us leave them alone [Acts 5]?

    Do we use the ‘big three’ standard proposed by Jesus – mercy, faithfulness, and social justice [Matt 23:23]? Do we use the Galatian standard – the only thing that matters is faith that expresses itself through love [Gal 5:6]?

    In my mind, there are three categories of church thought: creed-oriented (creedal), transformation-oriented, and covenant-oriented (action).

    – The creed oriented say ‘Welcome to our church, here is a statement of our beliefs – what do you believe? Right and Wrong are very big here….’

    -The Transformational say ‘Welcome to our church, here is a flyer on ‘how to know Jesus’. Are you born-again? have you encountered the Holy Spirit? Touching God is very big here…’

    -The Covenantal say ‘Welcome to our church… here is a list of the community committees we work with. Did you encourage someone this week? Did you help the widow, the orphan, the poor, sick, prisoner? Helping the Least is very big here….’

    I draw three circles that overlap. In the center, all three circles overlap. That is the community that I would love to find… somewhere.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Alexandria

    I just finished writing this for Jeff on a previous post, but now I can see the timing for this is now from what I am seeing on David’s cartoons: What is a Christian??? Even if you think yourself to be, many even I was deceived:

    Jeff; It is like we as children we are dished a dish that sets us up for other children to reject, but mine was a Devine set up for what God had planned for me at 40, I can see how he had prepared me for the same reaction to how I speak in what He has given me to speak even now:

    Many can think these are my own words, but truly, they are given to me to write and speak forth to convey through words what I have and am experiencing now in my new Christ life that I have become from within, even through the Word of God: Even as Paul says, until Christ be formed in you:
    Jesus was also commissioned to do the same, as was Peter, when thouest is converted, convert thine brethren:

    Therefore does God pulls ones out of the world, as He turns our world upside down and then puts us on a path for Him as His Word takes hold and starts to grow in these vessels that have been prepared by Him: 40 years of preparation was had by me, in a wilderness wandering:

    But no; this is not to go over to well with the unbelievers, very few believed Jesus and the disciple’s spoke forth as the Holy Spirit gave them the words to speak forth, and God is still the same today and they call themselves Christians but they live in unbelief: They truly think that God has changed His ways:

    They do not believe God is the same today, even though He says He is, they are now rejecting the Christ in us coming forth, and they say they are Christ-ians:
    They have made Christianity a Joke because of their unbelief, and that is why religion is hated, because they are not Christian’s; to be a Christian is to have Christ in us grown up to be just as He; so we too can speak all the same things, Christ is not divided; even as is written:

    All these sects of what man calls Christianity is divisions of a religion that man has set up, not God: God hand picks His own, always has and always will; this I have found out by what He has done with me: I did not choose Him, He chose me:
    That is why Jesus said, He did not come to bring peace, but to cause division:
    Therefore, now I have peace knowing and understanding that in this life there will be still no peace given to me because of who now I have become in Christ and Christ in me: This gives me a peace because it was told to me and now I understand:

    Thank-you Jeff: You are kind hearted because you did not let bitterness take hold of you: You became among the meek because of your trials in life: Thank-you again:

    Below is so true now for a true believer, this I very well know,

    John 15:18-19
    18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
    19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

  • Alexandria, your theology seems to be very focused on being hated and then finding accommodation in believing that God chose you to be hated for a grander purpose in bringing others to Christ. Although that theology may be somewhat effective in perpetuating itself, I think that is all it is. A self-perpetuating meme.

    Even though I am not religious and don’t subscribe to believing scripture comes directly or indirectly from God, I do think a more healthy theology would be one that embraces the world and is focused on adjectives such as love, understanding, acceptance, and togetherness. Not hatred, separateness, and a quest to convert others. For those who like to dig around in scripture, it is possible to find verses for these other adjectives as well.

  • Gary

    Your claims of being “hated” are nearly as annoying and certainly as false as are your claims of God’s divine authorship of your words. I don’t believe anyone here hates you Alexandria…I certainly don’t. But I do feel pity for you as you are clearly a very emotionally and perhaps mentally disturbed individual.

  • Alexandria

    This is what causes division as we go about doing even good things, out of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to set up another sect out of our carnal nature; above is the outcome;
    Jesus came to cause division among men that tries to become their own god and sets up camp, even for them that call themselves Christian, for them that have went from Him and His Words, even that are not of His Spirit:
    Jesus said; the Words that I speak are Spirit and Life, That means the Words of man can only bring forth death: Therefore; if we do not have His Spirit in us, then we too can only speak forth death:
    This is what it is to be a believer, we truly believe our Lord:
    I can see what the Catholic church and her daughters are doing to form a religious Babylonian city:
    Even as God caused a division in Babylon in the past because the peoples became great, so to is it now with all of the man made sects of religion: But when we are filled with the Spirit of God then we can not help but to live for God: It is written; those who are led by His spirit are His children:
    Thank-you Jeff: Those who are of His Spirit will know these truths, those who are not of His Spirit truly believe a believer is as they and can not know what we speak, because they live in unbelief:
    Thank-you again Jeff; In Jesus Name Alexandria:
    P.S. If we have not Christ we are not His:

  • Alexandria, I’ll let you have the last word here for I need to go engage the world now. 🙂

  • Alexandria

    Gary; we become the words we speak, therefore to reject the words that comes forth out of my heart, is to reject me:
    How can you separate the two:
    Are you to say to Jesus:
    O we love you Jesus, but not what you preach:
    Jesus said; if you love me you would do what I say:
    We would heed to His words and not depart from them:
    Jesus is the Word of God become flesh, how can you separate us who are also grafted into His Word by the Holy Spirit:
    Now to also separate us from the one that man also said was a lunatic(Jesus) because of His words:
    Truly, this is what it means to have Christ form in us, and that is why we now are not received by those of this world:
    Thank-you Gary, In Jesus name Alexandria:

  • Caryn LeMur

    Alexandria: please tell us about your own self, and why you have determined to leave your humanness behind, and why you have chosen to be an oracle.

    I would love to know more about you and your journey.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Alexandria

    Caryn, truly, we don not choose Him, He chooses us:
    This was written to another who wanted to know a thing:
    My testimony:
    David Lions:
    11 yrs. ago, before God got a hold of me, I was dead to the world and the world was dead to me, void of all emotions and life:
    It does not matter what we look for, what matters is that God has a purpose for those who are His and as we are obedient to Him, then we can see as even Martin sees, all is of God then:

    David; you wrote: It pleases God to show forth His righteousness apart from the deeds of the law, apart from the boast of the man that claims a righteousness demonstrated through works. To him that works in the law, it is not of grace, but of debt. Such an one is saying God owes him, but God delights and has given His righteousness to those who worketh not but have faith in Him that justifies the ungodly, indeed his faith alone is counted for righteousness.

    What you say is very true, I like what you write:
    The words I am given to convey to you are only words by the Lord to express through me do to my experience of what I have found to be true, but only as I was enlightened to see what I speak by the Holy Spirit, that is backed up by scriptures that it is not through my own private interpretation, but through revelation even through the fruit of The Christ I have become:

    David; Can you fully understand what you wrote above???
    When I was apprehended by God, I was dead in my sins and trespasses: I could not even get myself out of a wet paper bag if I tried, I had no strength or ability to flee temptation, I was continually handed over to sin: Therefore; I was free born the law did not grab hold of me, I went barrelling down into fires of hell; Now I can only speak from a different vantage point then you:

    Most could keep their head above the murky waters, but I drowned in them, my mind and soul became as a vegetable, void of all emotions and life, there are ones that have my testimony when God apprehended me and manifested Himself to me, that I became One with Him in His life: I was a walking zombie and nothing more at that time, a vessel for my master use being cared for by my adult children on disability with a grade 5 education, with ADDHD and dyslexia, I couldn’t even spell or string 2 sentences together that made any sense: All that has been done in my life for the last 11 yrs. is the result of God growing in me the Christ that I have so far become as Christ has been formed in me, even as God has ones that are witness to my growth:

    Now I experienced what faith is, even as I live by the Faith of the Son of God: When we have the whole counsel of God we have the whole counsel of the Christ we are to become: It was Paul who said; I labour again in birth with you until Christ be formed in you: I am not going from Paul or Jesus but bringing forth now the whole counsel of what they preached as Israel is Just a foreshadow of who Christ became, they were the natural application for a witness and a testimony of who Christ is as well to be a witness to what Paul and Jesus speaks:

    Christ is the whole counsel of God: When He is manifested to us, we too then become as He, even in His faith with works: We become One in His Life: It is the Faith of Christ that comes with works, that it is not in and of ourselves that we can boast; For it is God which worketh in you both to Will and to DO(WORK) of His good pleasure. Can you not see, we still DO Gods will(Action word) but now it is through His strength even in and by His Spirit for those who are led by His Spirit that is in us; even as it is with me this day:

    This is where many have not the whole counsel of God and they remain in Grace apart from the Faith of Christ: Grace apart from the Faith of Christ a one can not advance in the workmanship of God through His Holy Spirit that is given to us to bring the Word of God to pass within us; thus leaving a one wallowing in grace until the Lord comes to save them:

    But that is not what Paul preaches: He preaches Christ in us the Hope of glory, as Christ is to be formed in us here and now: It is by Grace through Faith that we are saved, a 2 part salvation: Only through the operation of Faith, do we have grace to be saved: In Adam all die EVEN SO in Christ is all made alive: A death to life cycle:

    Now the operation of Faith comes with the Will of God to have Christ formed in us: The Faith of Christ will do(bring in His works) for that to be a reality in our own lives as we are fed the truth through the words of Jesus and Paul(Jesus said the words that I speak are Spirit and Life) Paul said; I am of Christ, therefore; as we heed to all that is written by Jesus and Paul to have that excellent work done in us, to even take us from Faith to Faith(in His greater works) and from Glory to Glory(up in His life as we mature); then we too can come to the place where even as Paul says: I am Crucified with Christ, yet; I live, yet; not I, but Christ lives in me, and the life I live now, I live by the FAITH of the Son of God who gave His life for me: Paul ministers only in and by the Christ that he has become as Christ was formed in Him: Even as it was with Peter with Israel, when thouest is converted, convert thine brethren; it is also with Paul; I Labour again in birth with you until Christ be formed in you:

    IT is only through the death of Adam can we be granted our new Christ Life, therefore; as we remain on His cross in Him(If we are baptised into His death / we shall also be unto His life) If we are crucified with Christ /we shall also be raised with Him: This is why the contrast of the death to life cycle in us who believe to have Christ formed in us now, will be even as is written: We are to be conformed into His image and likeness, as Christ is formed in us: We are taken down in the valleys so we can also come up in our glories (Christ Life) as we go from glory to glory: Now if we do not believe then our works are done in vain, even as is written: To have Christ’s faith a one can see, but this can not completely be understood unless we are given sight to see: Yes; it is by Grace through Faith that we are saved; that it is not of ourselves that we can boast: Faith comes with God’s Will to DO of His good pleasure: To be conformed into the image and likeness of Christ!!! God’s will through His Faith that will Do all that He says for them who believe; until Christ be formed in us:

    I am speaking to you by my personal experience of what has taken place in me, I have become His testimony unto His life as I was taken down to death, yet I live: Therefore; if a one does not have the Christ life in Him, He will not be able to stand in His presences, because all will fall before Him except the Christ that we have become, the carnal man can not know Him:

    Thank-you David, the Lord just brought you forth so more of His truths can be known for ones that have a heart after Him: He is so good, all glory goes to God and God alone: Thank-you Father in Jesus Name Alexandria:
    I was dead to the world and the world was dead to me, I was dead in my sins and trespasses: But God had plans even for me:

  • Gary

    You see here is the thing. I actually seek to heed Jesus words and do what He says. You don’t. I cannot accept Jesus while at the same time accept the words you have spoken and claimed they are His…because they are not the same. I see now that you are not a troll after all. Rather you suffer from a delusion which penetrates you very deeply.

  • Alexandria

    To do a thing apart from His Spirit is just self works:
    It is not in and by The Faith of the Son of God:
    Paul said; he lives by the Faith of the Son of God, that comes with the in workings of the Holy Spirit:
    Even as Paul says; follow me as am of Christ:
    This was Paul commission: Little Children I labour in birth again until Christ be formed in you, this takes us from self works into the in workings of the Holy Spirit, that we too are conformed into the image and likeness of Christ, as Christ is formed in us:
    Even as it was with Peter’s commission, Peter when thouest is converted convert thine brethren: But we can see many left Jesus and Paul when it can time for the strong meat to be had: So too is it in each generation: The great falling away, that only the faithful remain:
    Thank-you Gary; In Jesus name Alexandria:
    P.S. if Peter or Jesus or Paul would stand here today in your presence and speak forth what they spoke forth then, would you truly receive them???
    Now it is the Christ in us that comes forth to minister the Words of the Lord through others as they: That is why Christ is not divided, those of the same Spirit will know because we speak the same things in and by His Holy Spirit:

  • Gary

    See again my problem. Jesus is in me. It is His words I speak, not my own, when I confront the message you falsely proclaim. Those not in the Spirit cannot understand this truth. But all who are indwelt by the Spirit know I speak the truth for it is not my words I speak to you but the words of God Himself. So when I declare to you that you are a false prophet sent to lead us all astray…you MUST accept what I am saying because the words are not my own.

  • Alexandria

    Yes Gary; Jesus is in you as your savour as He is the savour of the world:
    In Adam all die even so in Christ is All made alive:
    But I have seen in the past couple days your words and they are not my Lords at all:
    Christ is not divided or Bi-Polar:
    He does not cuss like a sailor one day and then minister to the masses the next:
    No; Christ is consistent, He is Grounded in His word; those that waver are not stable in anything, even as is written:
    I truly know now the you truly do have a mocking spirit in you, because again Christ is not Bi-polar:
    Go re-read you other post and see if they are the words of my Lord, then ask if anyone will be willing to follow you even as you are of Christ:
    The false Christ comes up along side of the truth Christ to pervert everything that is of God:
    That is how all these sects are again formed, many started of in the truth, but went out from the Word of our Lord even through Paul now to become their own god:
    You are now an example of what I speak:
    Thank-you Gary; In Jesus Name Alexandria:

  • Gary

    So you are the “truth Christ”? Seems odd…because your words are so contrary to the Christ I find in the bible and whose spirit guides me. It is your words here that seek to divide.

    Interesting that you state “Christ is not divided or Bi-Polar”. Yet according to scripture He spoke the following pairs of statements…all of which are contradictory.

    If I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid (John 8:14)
    If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid. (John 5:31)

    Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)
    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. (Matthew 10:34)

    Honour thy father and [thy] mother: (Matthew 19:19)
    For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother (Matthew 10:35)

    But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, (Matthew 5:44)
    But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay [them] before me. (Luke 19:27)

    But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:33)
    I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “today—yes, tonight—before the rooster crows twice you yourself will disown me three times.” (Mark 14:30)

    You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and rightly so, for that is what I am. (John 13:13)
    I do not accept praise from men, (John 5:41)

    Alexandria…As I said before…you MUST accept my testimony that you are a false prophet sent to lead us astray because my words are not my own but the very words of God spoken through me.

  • Alexandria

    O Gary; all those words of My Lord were so soothing to me; O how calming indeed:

    But then your words came forth at the end and was sour to my tummy and needed to be rebuked:

    Sorry Gary; reading from quotes of the bible does not make you Christ like:
    Wow you truly are deceived:

    It is written; Is Christ divided? was Paul crucified for you? or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?

    It is written: Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

    Only as we flow in the Spirit and minister from the Spirit of God within us through the abundance of our hearts, even through the Christ that has been formed in us, can we minister truth: Otherwise we will remain deceived:

    The written word just witnesses and testifies to who Jesus Is: Therefore, apart from Holy Spirit those words a just empty words, but because I have the Spirit of God in me, they are truly sweet to my tummy:

    But, again I say to you, your words at the end are sour to my tummy, and I can not receive what did not come from My Lord, even through His spirit:

    Thank-you Gary but mans attempt to do anything apart from Christ is all done in vain:

  • Gary

    Why do you reject my testimony? I already told you my words are not my own but the very words of God spoken through me. When you reject my words it is not me you are rejecting but rather God Himself who speaks through me. It is not you who has the Spirit…it is me. I know this to be true. Why do you seek to divide us? Unless of course you do not know the TRUE Spirit as I do.

  • Alexandria

    O Gary:
    Because of your track record on this blog, speaks volumes to me:

    Your words have become even a testimony against you:

    Therefore, if you were of Christ then you truly have fallen away and could it be that now Thee Lord is calling you back by giving you a hand out of the ditch you got yourself into:

    God works through man always to do His will:

    Therefore, because of your track record in this blog, it is you that needs to come straight with the Lord:

    Is this what this is all about???

    O God is so good to them who are His:
    Thank-you Father in Jesus Name Alexandria:

  • debarca

    Love this one today, David! God’s expression, in particular, is priceless.

  • Gary

    O Alexandria:
    How can you have it so backwards. Don’t you see…it is MY words which are true and YOUR words are the ones that have become a testimony against you.

    If you were ever of Christ then you have fallen away. Perhaps the Lord is seeking to call you out of thy ditch by allowing you to encounter HIS words as spoken through me. Because of your track record in this blog it is clear to me (and to all who know the Truth Spirit) that it is YOU who needs to come straight with the Lord.

    All who know the true Spirit will know I speak the truth because they will recognize that it is God’s words I speak and not my own. It is not me you mock when you falsely testify against me because I speak ONLY the words God has given me. Why do you continue to mock my God in this way?

  • Alexandria

    Gary, now you are operating through a mocking Spirit:
    Again I say to you; your past record of your own words have become a testimony against you:

    See the enemy can only come up with what was already said and pervert it, twist it to make it into a lie:

    The false anointing takes the truth and makes it into a lie, always coming up against the truth:
    Apart from the truth there can be no lie:

    Therefore; when the truth is spoken or written forth, then does the lie come behind to discredit the truth: It has always been:

    Gary an anointing has indeed come over whoever these words have come forth from, and it is to come against the truth:

    I am not dealing with Gary any more but the false Christ(Anointing): He can only take these words and twist them to pervert them to his own liking:

    You say why don’t I believe your testimony, that I am a false Prophet: That is not a testimony, a testimony speak of yourself, who you are in Christ and what He has done for you:

    Gary give us your testimony, you are a false Prophet: Those are the words of Jesus that came forth from you, then he is a fake:

    You wrote: Alexandria…As I said before…you MUST accept my testimony that you are a false prophet sent to lead us astray because my words are not my own but the very words of God spoken through me.

    Thank-you Gary at least you endured for a while before flipping me off with your colorful vocabulary:
    In Jesus Name Alexandria:

  • Gary

    But don’t you see Alexandria? I have provided you with the same proofs you have provided all of us, that I speak the truth. My statement that I do not speak my own words but speak the words of God Himself is identical to yours. You have rejected my claims for EXACTLY the same reason we all have rejected yours. Because they represent nothing but a misguided appeal to the authority of the divine on your own, very perverse, claims of some special knowledge. This is why you are a fraud…because you declare yourself to KNOW and all who disagree to be lost.

    I have indeed endured…long enough to confront you with the nonsense of your own ridiculous words.

  • Alexandria

    If your track record remained solid of what now you proclaim, then you can put forth your claim as a legitimate claim:

    But the enemy comes forth to discredit a one by doing exactly what you are doing: Trying to make a mockery out of these words:

    Your taking my testimony and trying to make it your own:
    But by your own previous words you discredited yourself from who Christ is in you, Yet, I have remain consistent:

    I never said I was a prophet, yet you said I was, even a false prophet: I guess I would be a false prophet if that is who you thought I was, Because I am not:

    Thank-you Gary:

  • Gary

    Wait now I am confused. You are saying that it is because of you that the “words of God” that He speaks through you are reliable? Well fuck…if God’s words are only as reliable as YOUR personal reliability…He must not be much of a god.

    Damn…now I have lost all faith in whatever god you represent.

  • Alexandria

    God always used man to speak His oracles forth:
    This is also the ways of God that changes not:

    Jesus ascended up to be with Our Father and sent down His Holy Spirit for those that Father had given to Jesus, even to come together in and By His Spirit for fellow-shipping:

    Those that are truly of the same Spirit of The True Christ, truly knows that the words in which I speak are indeed from the Lord:

    Even as ones who operate out of the same Spirit, I can identify with them and them with me:

    It is written: Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

    These are the words of our Lord and we who are in fellowship together, speak the same things:

    Therefore if you know not what Spirit we are of, then you are unto a different Spirit because Christ is not divided:

    There is no division in Christ, we then become One with Jesus even as Jesus is one with our Father, even as is written:

    Thank-you Father in Jesus Name Alexandria:

    P.S. I see your colourful words come forth again:

  • Our categories give us our world, to be sure, but perhaps the Way, the Truth, and the Life is not what we think! 🙂

  • Cecilia Davidson

    oracle – no.
    one suffering from persecutory delusions, yes.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    how about no standard and we just go all “hey, just stop being jerks to each other”?

  • Cecilia Davidson


  • Cecilia Davidson

    “They’re feeling my NO areas and saying Independent. I’m scared. Jesus, do you have anything to get them off?”

  • Alexandria

    Thank-you Cecilia, if I too was not among the lunatics, as that is what the unbelievers called Jesus and all who were with Him, then I too would not be in excellent company:

    It is written: If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

    Thank-you all; I feel like you have made me Lord over this blog now, so I will depart now, as not be exalted by man:

    Now that is what it means to be deluded:

    I have only exalted my Father and His Christ as I have even come against my own carnal nature as mere man:

    Thank-you Father in Jesus name Alexandria:

  • Gary

    Yes…I love me some good “colorful words” when the situation calls for it. LMAO

    Of course my problem is that you, once again, are claiming divine authorship of your bullshit. The arrogance (and absolute putrid stench of insanity) is revealed again every time you claim that all true believers will recognize you as some sort of oracle and me and all who call your fucking bullshit for what it is as some sort of messenger of Satan.

    Seriously…stop trying to speak for God…you are crossing boldly into outright blasphemy!!

  • wanderer

    what an excellent illustration…. love this.

  • Alexandria

    Good night Gary,
    if I too was not among the lunatics and the blasphemers , as that is what the unbelievers called Jesus and all who were with Him, then I too would not be in excellent company:

    It is written: If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

    Thank-you all; I feel like you have made me Lord over this blog now, so I will depart now, as not be exalted by man:

    Now that is what it means to be deluded and a blasphemer:

    I have only exalted my Father and His Christ as I have even come against my own carnal nature as mere man:

    Thank-you Father in Jesus name Alexandria:

  • Gary

    We have made you “Lord over this blog”??? Well fuck…perhaps we all should drop the pretenses and simply bow down to the almighty divine Alexandria. I mean you have gone from just saying your words are God’s, to now declaring yourself as “Lord” of the blog. How could we not have noticed your divinity when you first entered? You certainly declared it often enough.

    Seriously Alexandria, just fucking get over yourself already. You are not all that.


  • Alexandria

    Thank-you all; I feel like you have made me Lord over this blog now, so I will depart now, as not be exalted by man:

    Now that is what it means to be deluded and a blasphemer:

    I have only exalted my Father and His Christ as I have even come against my own carnal nature as mere man:

    Good bye Gary, you truly are not in your right frame of mind:
    You did not read the next line:

  • Gary

    Nope…read it all silly. False humility is an ugly thing. As is the delusion that is your mind.

    Good bye Alexandria…good riddance…fuck off.

  • LessThanLucid

    I find that this image is how I view most of divinity, within and without the Abrahamic traditions. Personally, I doubt that we mere jars of clay are fully capable of comprehending the true nature of the divine.


  • Mathis

    I agree with you, but with the story of the elephant, I think you didn’t get the point. It is not about, that no one can clearly get, what the elephant is. In its core the sotry is about telling all other religions that only buddhism can see the whole thing, because their “spiritual way” of seeing things (like buddha) is superior than all other religions.

  • Here is my description of the actual cartoonish behavior we have seen repeated again and again through history. It is one where the blind people feel the universe and imagine gods. It is not a GOD they are feeling, but instead they are creating gods from their blindness:

    They see a volcano and think angry god.

    They hear lightening and think dangerous god.

    They see an illness and think cursing god.

    They lose a war and think punishing god.

    They see someone saved in an accident where many are killed and think angels.

    You get the point.

    All religions aren’t One, instead, most theist religions are tools created by people who due to lack of information create gods.
    See some of your commentors.

  • Gun Nordström

    Great cartoon! It seems you got a gift from Alexandria and Gary by them adding an example how easyly the separation of oneself from others goes on when someone is trying to express (her/his) inner experience in words and not beeing able to really listen to eachother just because of the “religious” labels already existing in the minds.

    Religion comes from latin and means to connect again. If one person has had the experience of reconnection to an undivided energy within, why do we not think everyone is able to have a similar lifechanging experience (undescribable in words btw)?

  • Gun Nordström

    As I see it, both Buddha and Jesus saw within that we are all ONE. Neither of them are pleased with the fact that their “followers” created religions building walls between people. Both of them wanted mankind to awaken to the own light within following no outer authority but listening to the voice of our hearts.

  • Gary

    “If one person has had the experience of reconnection to an undivided energy within, why do we not think everyone is able to have a similar lifechanging experience (undescribable in words btw)?”

    Great question. Totally agree. A point I could never get Alexandria to understand with her exclusionist, only those truly in the Spirit agree with her and all others are lost, belief system.

  • Nice — never seen that!
    Only now could it possibly get old!

  • The Elephant story existed well before Buddha’s time but the writers of the Pali Canon (one of many Buddhist contradictory canon), made put the story in the Buddha’s mouth much like Christianity has Gospel writers putting things into a character called “Jesus”‘s mouth.

    So in that Pali Canon (Theravada Buddhism), See Here

    O how they cling and wrangle, some who claim

    For preacher and monk the honored name!

    For, quarreling, each to his view they cling.

    Such folk see only one side of a thing.

    Is that the passage you are speaking of?

  • Al Cruise

    Yea, she has the logic of a typical fundie, the irony is her belief system has come to her by were and when she was born. All the people born before Christian theology, and in areas in the world were Christian theology is not present, by her logic are automatically going to be lost. Her fear of death, has caused her to jump on the fundie bandwagon, because there she finds comfort in the way language is used in defending their belief. Salvation comes from the ability to articulate your belief into an absolute that can’t be questioned. So if you can’t be proven wrong in a black or white sense, you are automatically right and saved.

  • Tim Lin

    The funny thing about using this metaphor and claiming humility is that you are assuming the ultimate position of pride from which to judge: that you are the outsider with the perfect view of the elephant.