in the church shepherds are sheep too

shepherds are sheep too cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Shepherds Are Sheep Too!” (nakedpastor)

Many leaders forget they’re just one of the flock as well. Shepherds are sheep too. It’s been said that even Jesus was the lamb of God.

I think it would be helpful and healthy for churches and her leaders to remember this.

Don’t you?

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  • Pat68

    Hmmm…in the tributes given to the pastor of the church I attend who passed away last week, a couple of people mentioned that very thing about him. How we could call him by his first name and one woman recounted her experience/perception with mega churches that the pastor was always “way up there”, but it wasn’t that way with Martin.

  • Gary

    Unfortunately the last two pastors I had never got this.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    Celebrity makes people forget that they’re human.

  • Margaret

    I know you’re trying to make a point with this cartoon, but I can’t stop laughing about the way you drew the lamb on the cross, with the sheep pastor next to it…too funny!

  • When it comes to church hierarchy, I go by what Jesus said:

    • Call no man your patre/patron/pastor on the Earth. ~Jesus

    • Rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. ~Jesus

  • Reminds me of Gary Larson. 🙂

  • David Mercer

    Shepherds are sheep who get tired, weak, sad, and lonely like everyone else.

  • Margaret

    I forgot about Gary Larson. I love his cartoons. That’s who David reminds me of…same kind of humor. Thanks for posting this cartoon. 🙂