Look what happens when God tries to use Google Maps!

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  • Cecilia Davidson

    This explains everything about missionaries asking if we found Jesus.

  • Shelley Huston

    This goes along with the Jesus selfie meme on FB today.

  • klhayes

    hahahahahaha! I never looked at it that way. How stressful!

  • Gun Nordström

    God: “Oh yes, that was the photo of me that I took when my consciousness was in an expanding form, trying to be or not to be who I am. On the map the marks seem to be quite similar on the outside, but the fact is that I was not very happy with myself in those points, where the mind was in a state of becoming = wanting more money, power, fame etc. However in many points I knew how to be myself by allowing me to be who I am. I had to leave behind me the crazy idea about me being somewhere else than within me. I had to see what mind had put together with all the religious rituals, beliefs and dogmas, trying to reach me outside of me. The experience of living a life being who I am cannot be described as it is beyond what words can convey.