Prayers From the Cell #1

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How To Be You (2bU)

With my tongue in my cheek, I put together this list of how to be more you. Hope they help! First of all, admit you are not you: unless of course you are. Then skip this whole thing. Get introduced: you can’t become yourself until you know who the real you is. Hardest part! Like what you see. No matter how repugnant or glorious the real you seems to you, you’re stuck with you, and that’s the real thing. Murder… Read more

Slyly Replaced!

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Chefs, Restaurants, Pastors, Churches

I love Eliane Excoffier’s story found in Canada’s MacLean’s Magazine (Feb. 12, 2007) of Montreal chef Martin Picard and his unique restaurant called Au Pied de Cochon. It reminds me of what we encourage here at our church. He breaks the molds. He is considered a wild man, an enfant terrible, passionate, profane and an outspoken critic of all that is processed and banal. Even though this article is about food and restaurants, I read it as though it applied… Read more

I’m Glad I Ditched the Trailer Park Boys!

Last night was a special night of intercessory prayer at our church. I don’t consider myself an “intercessor” or “prayer warrior” or anything of the sort. I really didn’t want to go. I would rather have, honestly, stayed home and watched Trailer Park Boys with a glass of wine or two. But Lisa said she was going and so, reluctantly, I went with her. Well, there were only five of us. Three women two men. We just sat around talking… Read more

The Secret is a Secret!

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My Limbs Are Hanging Useless

Here’s a poem that Gracie over at Wild Grace wrote in response to my post yesterday on Grief on the Heels of Grief: I hear the lion roaring My face is in his mane Limbs are hanging useless And eyes are filled with pain The tears have flowed And stained his coat My fists have beat his chest And though he has not drawn a claw I hear the lion roar Thanks Gracie! Read more

Let’s Get Organized! Not!

Eugene Peterson, in his book on Revelation called, Reversed Thunder, writes: Organized behavior is prone to violence; organized belief is prone to deceit. Read more

Grief On The Heels Of Grief

John, who just lost his wife Kerry last Sunday, just lost a friend of his today. She was a coworker. Died suddenly. People were worried about how he was going to react when he got the news, so I was informed of the tragedy and immediately went to his house. He’s already on bereavement leave so I knew he’d be home. Other coworkers were already there. After they left, John and I just hung out for another hour or so… Read more

It’s God’s Turn to Give!

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