Sarah and I took a long trip yesterday to gather up the belongings left behind by her boyfriend Nato at various places. It was a month yesterday that Nato left us. It was a long, sad and exhausting day. She’s a good friend, and God knows I love her. What can anyone say? I’ve been reminded that people can still say stupid things though. Nervous. Trying to lighten things up. Dumbfounded. Or just socially inept. On the one hand you… Read more

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One of my favorite and thought-provoking philosophers, Krishnamurti, in his book, Inward Revolutions, writes: If you have a talent, beware of it, because it gives you an opportunity to develop your own desire for power, position, prestige. You have noticed it, haven’t you? A man who has a talent, a gift, whether on the piano, or with words, or in politics, or whatever it is, uses that talent to become somebody. Haven’t you noticed all these things? If a man… Read more

My new and thoughtful online friend John over at microclesia informed me of this link. I got a kick out of it because the musician who plays guitar for Sting talks about being “naked”… which is why John thought I should view it, me being a naked pastor and all! Check it out HERE. Read more

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The great American essayist, Wendell Berry, in his important collection of essays, The Unsettling of America, writes: It is possible, I think, to say that this is a Christian agriculture, formed upon the understanding that it is sinful for people to misuse or destroy what they did not make. The Creation is a unique, irreplaceable gift, therefore to be used with humility, respect, and skill. I love reading Berry. He has such a beautiful and powerful way with words. His… Read more

I wrote these 10 points for myself, and thought I would share them with you today. Our friend Nato took his own life just weeks ago, and he’s left behind not only some precious memories, but some pretty serious thinking as well. So, although these are for me, listen in if you want: LISTEN: People aren’t necessarily fine. Just because someone looks and seems fine, it doesn’t mean they are. I’ve dealt with several suicides before. All of them are… Read more

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I remember back in seminary reading Eugene Peterson’s book, Five Smooth Stones For Pastoral Work. In it, he drew analogies between sex and prayer. There was much controversy and ridicule on campus. I remember how silly several people thought it was. Here’s one quote: Because of the common origin of our creation and redemption, an examination of our sex life leads to an examination of our prayer life and vice versa. I have come to agree with him. In fact,… Read more

So last week, as a requested birthday present from our son Jesse who just turned 18, we gave him permission not to have to come to church with us every Sunday. We never made him go. He never really questioned it. But close to his 18th birthday, he asked for this as a gift, and we gave it to him. He still wants to come when he can play drums in the worship band though. Which got me thinking… The… Read more

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