Goliath’s Skull on Ebay?

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The Beauty of Idolatry

Thomas Merton, in his journal, A Vow of Conversation, writes: Idolatry is the basic sin, therefore, that which is deepest in us, most closely related to Original Sin; therefore, most likely to deceive us under the appearance of true worship or integrity or honesty or loyalty or idealism. The picture above is used by permission, a creation of my artist friend, Amaris. It is called "Silence". … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Nato!

Sarah Compton, my dear and beautiful friend pictured above, is grieving now. Nathan, the beautiful young man pictured with her, was affectionately known as "Nato". He took his own life a few weeks ago today. Our hearts are unspeakably broken, and we miss him terribly. I recall with fondness the times he would visit our congregation with "his girl", Sarah. Afterwards we would often gather at Sarah's mom's house for lunch and talk about music, theology and the state of the church over beer and … [Read more...]

Just Don’t Give!

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What Coach Dungy & Trent Pomeroy Have in Common

Almost 50 people commented on my blog post, "10 Confessions of a Self-Help Guru", found HERE. Thanks everyone for commenting! Trent Pomeroy was the name drawn out of the ice-cream bucket this morning. Thanks for commenting Trent. Everyone stay tuned for another contest soon. … [Read more...]

Hand To Heaven Hand To Earth

In Thomas Merton's significant Asian Journal, he writes about his eastern travels, conversations and studies. Here he is commenting on Marco Pallis' paper on "Is There Room For 'Grace' In Buddhism?": "The Buddha's right hand points downward to touch the earth; the other hand supports a begging bowl, symbolizing acceptance of the gift... grace. Pallis says,'In the two gestures displayed by the Buddha image the whole program of man's spiritual exigencies are summed up.' An active attitude toward … [Read more...]

Superbowl Church!

If I get any facts wrong, it's because I don't know tons about football. But the other night I was watching some preview stuff on TV for the Superbowl. The commentators were saying that the Superbowl is getting to be less and less about the actual game, which totals one hour of playing time, and more and more about the sponsors, commercials, half-time show, money spent and made all around the game, personalities, coaches, and the entire TV show package. The entire Superbowl show seems to be … [Read more...]

Last Day to Enter Contest!

Comment on my post, "10 Confessions of a Self-Help Guru"! Go HERE to enter the contest to win a painting. Just by commenting you will be entered into a draw to win the painting. Contest ends tonight midnight Atlantic time. Good luck! … [Read more...]

God Ducks!

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Do You Really Want to Know Your Future?

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