Check out my post on “10 Confessions of a Self-Help Guru”! Go HERE to enter the contest to win a painting. Just by commenting you will be entered into a draw to win the painting. Contest ends tomorrow midnight Atlantic time. Read more

Years ago I read Stephen Oates’ bibliographic account of ML King Jr., Let The Trumpet Sound: The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. In it he relates how someone once said to King: I have a feeling the Lord has laid his hands on you, and that is a dangerous, dangerous thing! I was reading 2 Corinthians yesterday. I was struck by this passage: For this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all… Read more

I read this article, “Wonder and the Revitalization of Evangelical Theology” written by Glen Scorgie in Crux Magazine back in December of 1990. I don’t know if Glen would remember me, but he was a youth leader in a certain baptist church when I was one of the young people there. I remember one day he played “Little Country Church on the Edge of Town” by Chuck Girard’s group Love Song, and talked about a new way of being the… Read more

Sorry everyone. For some stupid reason I’d accidentally set my post on “10 Confessions of a Self-Help Guru” to private, preventing people from seeing it and commenting on it. So this is my announcement! Go HERE to enter the contest to win a painting. Just by commenting you will be entered into a draw to win the painting. Read more

Comment on this post and enter a draw to win a prize! I read this book a while ago and thought I would write a quick post around its subject. The anacronym title, SHAM, stands for Self Help and Actualization Movement. The author, Salerno, writes a scathing critique of the self-help movement and its damaging effects on society. Although some admit problems with some of his method and conclusions, I suspect that he certainly has an argument that is for… Read more

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Moltmann, in his book Experiences of God, wrote: Only the person who has found his own self can give of his own self. What else can he give? it is only the person who knows that he is accepted who can accept others without dominating them. The person who has become free in himself can liberate others and share their suffering. The picture is taken from Mark Hemmings’s Japan photography. Read more

I’ve finally taken the time to read an article in Friday, January 26, 2007’s Telegraph Journal called, “The Science Behind Spirituality” that I found interesting. There’s not a lot of information there and it basically just whetted my appetite for more. I’m interested in mind and brain studies and science as it relates to spirituality, faith and religion. It begins by posing some questions: Does God exist outside the human mind, or is God a creation of our brains? Why… Read more

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Shakleton, in his captivating account of his Antarctic exploration South, writes:| Man can sustain life with very scanty means. The trappings of civilization are soon cast aside in the face of stern realities, and given the barest opportunity of winning food and shelter, man can live and even find his laughter ringing true. Read more

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