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Daniel L. Migliore, in his insightful (and hard to find) book, Pastor as Prophet, writes: The passion of God not only motivates us to eliminate whatever suffering can be eliminated; it also empowers us to accompany our brothers and sisters into regions of darkness where suffering can no longer be eliminated; it enables and invites us to share suffering where efforts to overcome it prove futile; it frees us to continue a ministry of compassion and shared grief at the… Read more

i just finished watching the 2006 film, ALL THE KING’S MEN. i liked it. based on the 1946 pulitzer prize winning novel. very believable. it’s all about the corruption that power brings with it as Stark rises from a poor farm-boy to the governor of the state. but in my mind it’s not just about politicians, but anybody with influence over others. be warned! Penn, of course, is one heck of an actor. it is written from the view point… Read more

okay, yes, i’m frustrated with MYSELF!! i have so many interests. i want to blog about it. i started with not quite it. wanted .com. switched to not quite it, because i wanted it to be more than just about me. switched to… okay for a while, but too many people were confused over the highbrow title. switched to… now people think it’s just about pastoring and ministry and church. blah! now i’ve started another blog,… Read more

a couple of conclusions: Don’t make people do things. No guilt, pressure or compulsion. Just try it for a while. Pastors: just try to run a church without using the power of your expectations or the pressure of compulsion or guilt to accomplish things you think should be done in the church. See how frustrated your plans become. What does this tell you? People often don’t care about how much effort you put into something. They’ll notice when you don’t… Read more

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Karl Barth, undeniably my favorite theologian, says emphatically: There is no man who does not have his own god or gods as the object of his highest desire and trust, or as the basis of his deepest loyalty and committment. Read more

I just started blogging this year and have learned lots from many. I’ve even started another blog on the artful life. But here are the top 10 that helped me the most: for blog-wisdom: problogger. Thanks Darren for being my blogguru! for edgy humor: hands down gapingvoid. Thanks Hugh for the voice from the edge, challenging my status quos and inspiring edgy thinking! for colorful commentary: pergatorio. Thanks Marc for a pictorial critique of the best and the worst of… Read more

i’m entering this cartoon into a cartoon drawing project. you can check it out here. you might find some other cartoons you like, so have fun! Read more

so last night we had our annual christmas banquet. we did a potluck in the sanctuary. nice lighting, candles, and a few decorations. nothing fancy because we didn’t want people to be unnecessarily overworked and distraught over it all. the food was simply awesome… everything from ham to sushi. it was incredible. the deserts were to die for… some pastries of all kinds, including shortbreads, chocolate tortes and the best rum-cake i’d ever, ever had. you could TASTE the rum!… Read more

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