visiting another pastor

Well, it's thanksgiving weekend in Canada coming up, and we've driven all the way from Saint John, NB, to Toronto. I'm exhausted, and once again have suddenly developed a love/hate relationship with cars. I'm glad to be out of it now. I'm at my younger brother John's house. We're about to crack a brew and do some catching up, him being a pastor himself!! Stay tuned tomorrow for another cartoom! … [Read more...]

healing ministry gone to the dogs… cats!

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religious aspirations and death to self

I preached yesterday. Basically my message was this. In Matthew 5:23, Jesus talks about someone coming to give their sacrifice at the altar, but upon remembering that he has offended someone, should leave his gift at the altar, go and be reconciled to his brother, then return and give the sacrifice. This reveals the stages of our approach to God: 1. our desire to approach God (either out of religious obedience, true desire, fear, desperation, whatever); 2. we are checked by the Spirit (we … [Read more...]

evangelism and colateral damage

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deacons and hypocrits

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creation, incarnation & dualism

T. F. Torrance, a modern theological heavyweight, lays great emphasis upon the Incarnation—God become man—as the key to Christian theology. Torrance asserts that true Christian theology, to be correct, cannot distinguish between God’s act and God’s person. His act and person are identical! To distinguish the two leads to a dangerous dualism that is one of Christian theology’s worst and most frequent and prevalent error. Torrance writes that even though creation is an act of God, it does … [Read more...]

read between the lines

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a one sentence definition of the Trinity

Here is what I think is one of the best one-sentence definitions of the Trinity: “God reveals himself though himself—that is, God (the Father) reveals himself (the Son) through himself (the Holy Spirit)” (T. F. Torrance).<br /> … [Read more...]

atheism in reverse!

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don’t get behind on your evangelism!

I found this on the web on another blogger's site who was also satirizing it and couldn't resist posting it. No, I'm not going to buy a pair for my daughter! She'd be embarassed to wear them. Personally I think it's a bummer that people have to resort to this kind of crap! This deserves some kind of reward! Maybe I'll start, instead of the Darwin Awards, the Judas Awards for Christian nonsense. … [Read more...]