NbA Muslims Authors Speak – Karimah Grayson

I get to review their books; now, I have a chance to talk to them about their craft! Join me and author Karimah Grayson as we discuss her commitment to conveying the unique African-American Muslim voice in her work.
Live – Online – Google Hangouts/YouTube
authors speak - grayson
Karimah Grayson is a Muslim-American author. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Karimah is married with four adult children and two grandsons. By profession, she is an educator and enjoys watching her students mature into adulthood. Karimah is the author of “The Shoulders On Which I Stand: Daria takes a stance” and “Areebah’s Dilemma: Love or Deen”. Karimah looks forward to sharing the Muslim American experience with the world.

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  • Author Karimah G

    I’m excited about the interview.

  • Author Karimah G

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    Mark your calendars for July 21, 2016 @ 7:00 pm.