Art and Society Interview – Khalil Ismail

Art and Society Interview – Khalil Ismail September 3, 2017

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Manhood is a consistently changing notion in societies, especially here in the US. The idea of what comprises manhood shifted in the last few decades. Consequently, elements of masculinity that may have once been prided are now considered outdated or even vilified as “toxic.” Across cultural lines, men continually assess and reassess what comprises manhood in the context to their social spheres, including African American Muslim men.

Join Layla Abdullah-Poulos as she interviews producer Khalil Ismail about his artistic social commentary on African American Muslim manhood presented the video “Man Up – ft Etan Thomas.”

Today on YouTube Live at 2 pm EST. Click below for access.

Watch Khalil Ismail’s “Man Up – ft Etan Thomas

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