3 Out-of-the-Box Ministry Teams Your Church Needs to Create


Technology continues to revolutionize the way we can present the gospel to others. Like the Roman roadway system in the first century, new technology like the internet and live streaming have given the church new platforms to present the gospel if they choose to take advantage of them. Harnessing these new avenues, here are three out-of-the-box ministry teams of volunteers your church should consider creating:

1. Church Online Team (a.k.a. the Stream Team) – Online has become the new front door for the church. Before most people come to a church for the first time, they go online and check out a church’s digital footprint. The ability to stream services online is an incredible opportunity to claim some real estate in the digital world and at the same time keep up with current church members who miss a Sunday. Life.Church has graciously provided a free church online platform that is easy to use (go to churchonlineplatform.com).

2. Social Media Team – Gone are the days when people looked to the Yellow Pages to find a church. Everything has gone online, and social media is a free marketing platform that churches need to take advantage of. Your members are already on social media. If your church isn’t, you’re missing an incredible opportunity to connect with people throughout the week. Your church needs to be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the very least. Tweet out points from the sermon. Take pictures of volunteers on Sunday and praise them for their service throughout the week. You’ll be able to find several social media savvy folks in your church who would love to take that on for you.

3. Video Story Team – With a video camera and some basic editing software, you can capture incredible stories of your people for the world to see. Every Christian has a story, and those stories deserve to be told. Create a team of people that can capture and publish your church’s stories on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube is the number one rated brand by the upcoming generation. Stories always matter. Leverage video stories as a powerful way to present the gospel.

QUESTION – What other out-of-the-box ministry teams would you add to this list?

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