Dear Mr. President, Although I did not vote for you, I will support you as my president. I understand that you bear a greater and deeper burden then most Americans could ever fathom. In and of itself, the presidency is a responsibility too great for any one man. The time for politicking and posturing is now over. The people have spoken. It is time to put away what divides us and come together around what unites us. As a follower… Read more

On the day that our nation is deciding its future for the next four years, it’s fitting to pull back for a moment and reflect on evangelical Christianity’s impact on American politics over the last few generations. Jonathan Merritt is uniquely positioned to offer words of insight into this delicate subject. Born and raised in an environment that actively engaged in religious culture wars, he had a front row seat to watch conservatives such as Jerry Falwell and the Moral… Read more

Last week in our marriage series, I shared seven ways to fight with your spouse, based off of Ephesians 4:25-32. Use these principles and have a good fight with your spouse! 1. Be honest about what you’re fighting about. If you’re going to fight, at least fight about the right things. Ladies, that will mean that you’ll have to open up and tell your husband what’s really going on. Guys, you’ll have to open up and share about your feelings… Read more

Thanks again for another week of blogging. I hope you have as much fun reading this stuff and I have fun writing it all. Here are some links to some great articles much better written than my own. Special Team – Read an inspirational story by Rick Reilly about a group of high school football players treating a special needs student like Jesus would. Fourteen Really Bad Predictions – How is the election going to turn out? No one knows…. Read more

As our crazy election season comes to a close, Jonathan Merritt has some great perspective on the history of American Christianity in politics over the last 50 years, and what a new generation of Christians (including me) are looking for in politics today. Enjoy the video below. I’ll be reviewing his book “A Faith of Our Own” next Tuesday. A Faith of Our Own Read more

BIG Idea: Follow the money, find your heart. As a teenager, I had an addiction. A secret sin, something that consumed my thoughts and threatened to overtake my life. I was addicted to cheesy Christian music (cue “friends are friends forever” by Michael W. Smith). Back when music was still sold by the album on plastic discs, I bought all that I could get my hands on. I bought music by Petra, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, and even a little Christafari…. Read more

Why do Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Harley-Davidson have cult-like followings? What separates them from their competitors? They start with WHY. My first encounter with Simon Sinek was his famous TED Talk. He briefly shared his concept of the Golden Circle and how it applied to businesses today. A few weeks ago, I saw him speak live at Catalyst Conference and was impressed with his presentation of the same subject matter. His book, Start With Why, encapsulates his philosophy and is… Read more

Yesterday in my message “How to Fight Your Spouse,” we looked at ten unhealthy ways couples like to fight. Read the list and see if any of them describe you! 1. Stonewall Jackson – this is the spouse that emotionally shuts down in a fight. The more your spouse yells, the more you become like a an emotional wasteland of human recognition. It’s like you’re in an emotional coma. Your spouse says, “Why won’t you talk to me? Let’s talk this through,”… Read more

Here’s a Five for Friday: political edition. I know everyone’s a little tense with the election. Let’s feed the dog that’s barking the loudest this week: The Politics of Trust – why don’t we trust our politicians anymore? The Church & Politics = A Mess – great words from a guy (Perry Noble) who tells you how it is. The Inconsistent Logic of Abortion Rights Advocates – want to get politically touchy? Let’s talk abortion. Great dissection of the flaws… Read more

The world of ushering is itself an art form: the subtlety, the unspoken solemnity, the majesty of it all. Many ignorantly focus on the type of the offering plate itself (KFC bucket vs. oversized cloth-covered dinner plate vs. two-pronged velour bag). What captivates me is the movement of the ushers themselves. Being raised in church, I’ve seen just about every type of ushering move there is. The Jolted Usher – This is the usher whose only real reason to come… Read more

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