If You’ve Ever Walked Away From Church, I Want to Hear Your Story

If You’ve Ever Walked Away From Church, I Want to Hear Your Story May 30, 2017

In the month of June I’m preaching a sermon series on the church and how we’ve lost our way. This series is designed for believers (insiders) who are wondering why so many people are walking away.

What I’d love is to bring this very real crisis to life with real-life stories, perhaps your story. If you’ve ever walked away from church, I’d love to hear why. Please write your story in the comments below or message me at: www.facebook.com/drjoshdaffern. These stories aren’t meant to bludgeon the church as much as help us understand the gravity of the crisis we’re facing.

Thank you in advance for your stories, and know that there are Christians and churches out there trying to make church a welcoming and loving family of faith.

(if you’d like to join in and watch our services from anywhere on the planet, be sure to tune into: www.mtvchurch.tv Sundays at 9:00 and 10:30 am CST)

"Provided that you find out what the law of the spirit is and obey it."

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