The D.Min for Anglicans at Beeson

The D.Min for Anglicans at Beeson January 9, 2018

hodges-chapel-interior-3Beeson Divinity School has launched a new version of its Doctor of Ministry program.  It is focused on preaching.  Anglicans who enroll can tailor their program to suit their Anglican needs by addressing Anglican distinctive in their papers and by writing an Anglican-focused dissertation with an Anglican professor at Beeson.

Beeson’s D.Min program is designed for those who are serving in pastoral/priestly positions and who have regular responsibilities for preaching and teaching the Holy Scriptures, to enhance their capacities to interpret God’s Word and to communicate its message with clarity and conviction.  Each D.Min. cohort is made up of 7-12 students who progress through a series of four seminars over a two-year period, followed by 12-18 months of designing, implementing, and reporting on a summative ministry research project.  Students prepare for each seminar for 4-6 months before attending a six-day seminar (Tuesday-Tuesday); seminars take place in January and June or July.  Each seminar is led by a team of theological scholars and ministry practitioners, especially Beeson faculty.  Seminar topics include:  Preaching and the Pastoral Identity, Preaching the Whole Counsel of God, Preaching and Culture, and Moving from Text to Sermon.  Each student works closely with a member of the Beeson faculty, who advises the student in the design and implementation of the ministry research project.  The ministry research project affords each student an opportunity to pursue his or her research interests in a highly-contextualized way, to the benefit of personal ministry effectiveness and to the life and mission of Christ’s Church.

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