What does it mean that Christ is King?

One day King (which is what “Christ” means, the “anointed one” from a land where typically only kings were anointed) Jesus will renew all of this world and restore Israel to its center. Read more

Is Pope Francis a liberal Protestant?

The faith of Pope Francis seems, if not weak, at least different from that of the Catholic tradition. Read more

An Anglican Manifesto

While progressive versions of Christianity that strain to keep up to date with the latest fads are actually irrelevant to our deepest needs, it is only the ancient testimony to the Trinitarian God who comes to us in the creeds and liturgies and sacraments of the historic church that can meet us where we most deeply need God. Read more

What Is the Glory of God?

What bracing and hopeful words in these times of terror and uncertainty. Read more

What did Anglicans mean by ‘sola scriptura’?

On the question of authority, Anglicans have sometimes used what they claimed to be Richard Hooker’s image of a three-legged stool whose legs are Scripture, reason, and tradition. Read more

The Inner Secret of the Anglican Reformation

Ashley Null provides a plausible answer to the question of what was the secret to the English reformation–the affective power of unconditional love. Read more

Did the Church of England begin in the 16th century?

Nazir-Ali’s excellent chapter shows 1) that the Church of England started long before the 16th century, 2) has become a worldwide communion because of evangelical and high church missions, and 3) has the promise of fresh reformation and renewal. Read more

Why do churches use liturgy?

In this ancient custom of worship worshipers become as a group of Christians what they cannot be as individuals—the people of God. Read more

A tribute to Robert Jenson (1930 – 2017)

I came to know “Jens” personally in two areas of research that we shared—Jonathan Edwards and Israel. Read more

Who was Eric Mascall?

Eric Lionel Mascall (1905-93) was one of the best–perhaps the sharpest and most lucid–of orthodox Anglican theologians in the twentieth century. Read more

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