Can an Anglican be a Zionist? Most of us think the answer is no, because when we think of Christian Zionism, we think of fundamentalist dispensationalists with crazy eschatologies. The term calls to mind date-setting, a rapture theology that suggests that Christians will not suffer, and the refusal to entertain criticism of the state of Israel. Most Anglicans have problems with all of these presumptions. Click here to see why, and the rest of this article. Read more

The Witherspoon Institute at Princeton University is sponsoring a five-day seminar in July (22-28) that will examine the relationship between religion and politics in the period of the American Revolution, founding, and early republic. Open to untenured faculty and post-doctoral scholars in history, political theory, law, and religion, the seminar will explore primary sources at the intersection of church and state—charters, constitutions, and legal texts, as well as sermons, pamphlets, essays, speeches, debates, and religious texts. Topics will range from… Read more

  Register now for the conference “What Is Anglicanism?” at Beeson Divinity School in September. Top leaders and scholars from around the world will answer this question and chart a way forward for the world’s third-largest communion of Christians. Speakers include the recent Archbishop of Kenya Eliud Wabukala, Archbishop of Egypt and leader of the Global South Mouneer Anis, editor of Anglican News Barbara Gauthier, John Yates III, Ephraim Radner, and R.R. Reno, editor of First Things. Click here for more information. Read more

For famous stutterers from Moses to Marilyn, listen to this podcast. Read more

Jack Sara is the leader of a Christian college operating in the Muslim-majority West Bank. And every Christian institution — Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant — has to make nice with the corrupt Palestinian Authority in order to keep operating. Read more

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55) can help us realize that the way our culture uses the word “love” is radically different from the way the Bible uses the word. And if we realize that, then we can restore our broken relationships with our spouse and others, and with God. Read more

There is room in the Reformed tradition for seeing a future for Jewish Israel and its land, while at the same time holding to Calvin’s insistence that the church has inherited many of the promises made to Old Testament Israel. Read more

Trump’s moving the American embassy to Jerusalem removed the artificial life support for the UN resolutions of the 1940s that were made obsolete by Israel’s victory in 1967 after being attacked by Arab armies on all sides. Read more

There is a new opportunity at Beeson Divinity School for Anglicans seeking to earn a Doctor of Ministry degree. Read more

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