I once heard a priest, speaking on some of the nuttiness within Orthodox Convert circles, claim: “Shine a light bright enough and even the bugs will come.” For me, this was true of what I now know as Gnosticism. Some of us, through no special intent or talent, seem to have a built in Decoder Ring for the esoteric and metaphysical sciences. This is not to say, at least in my case, that there is always understanding nor just mere attraction. Rather, it’s part of the thing that is the thing. Like déjà vu. You don’t WILL such events. But when they occur, a certain sure and uncertain comfort, which seems timeless, is encountered. For me, that was New Age before it was called such; “Gnosticism” before I even knew the word.

More to come …

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  • Karl Thienes

    C.S. Lewis said the same thing once about the occult…

  • Fr Joseph Huneycutt

    Hi Karl,
    What, exactly, did CS Lewis say?

  • Karl Thienes

    CS Lewis, in several of his personal letters, talks about his interest and utter fascination with the occult as a young man…don’t have any specific references on hand at the moment…

  • Fr Joseph Huneycutt

    Back when I was really stupid (aka “open minded”), a friend and I went into a Satanic bookstore in Los Angeles. We had to laugh. It was essentially the anti-Jesus store, a Christian bookstore in reverse: upside down crucifixes and other mockeries. The proprietor actually resembled an old, old version of the 80′s TV character, Elvira. It was silly. It had nothing to do with the occult or gnosticism. Rather, the store could have been named Ozzie-R-Us. I never was, I don’t believe, tempted by satanism. If I had been, seeing the man behind the curtain that day would have opened my eyes toward paying no attention.