Southeast Orthodox Camp Endorsement

The sign said “Now Hiring.” She walked into the college town restaurant and, in my opinion, was too pretty for the job. I sent an assistant out to interview her — and get rid of her — on two different occasions. The third time (she claims it was because of the hiring sign) I decided to interview her myself. Yes, she was beautiful, but we needed hard workers. In going over her work experience I noticed that she’d worked at the southern Baptist camp, Fort Caswell, at the beach. We talked a lot about Caswell, I hired her. She later won “employee of the year.” We weren’t Orthodox then, but we’ve got three cradle Orthodox children now.

It’s true, you marry from among those with whom you hang out. Or, in some cases, among those who hang out with God in the same way you’re accustomed. Besides that, camping builds character and allows growth toward God and others. I like camping in general and Church camp in particular. This region is growing in the Faith. Growing up Orthodox in the South has its own struggles — for cradles and converts. The time has come for a regional camp to support that growth, those struggles, and each other in Christ. True, if you believe in something you’ll drive great distances and make many sacrifices for that belief. Then again, that same belief can’t help but encourage you to make that experience real for others … at home. Isn’t that what Mission work is all about?

In the same missionary spirit with which our Southeast Region is growing, I invite you to please support our regional Camp St Thekla. The time has come.

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