Two Flew Over the Onion Dome

Two Flew Over the Onion Dome February 5, 2008

The following two images are of my e-pal, Jean-Michel, reading — in BelgiumOne Flew Over the Onion Dome (2006) and Defeating Sin (2008). Oh, by the way, as the second pic reveals: Prayers coveted for his speedy and full recovery.

No updates on this blog till week’s end as I shall be attending the annual Clergy Retreat of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America in Wichita, Kansas.

Last year’s lectures (HERE) are now available in print …

“THE HIDDEN MAN OF THE HEART consists of a series of presentations on the place of the heart in the spiritual life of the Christian, with special reference to the Hesychast tradition of the Orthodox Church, including two of the most influential figures in contemporary Christianity: Saint Silouan the Athonite (1866–1938) and Elder Sophrony of Essex (1896–1993). Delivered in Wichita, Kansas at the 2007 Clergy Brotherhood Retreat of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, each lecture (divided here into chapters) is published in full together with its corresponding Questions & Answers. The author is a disciple of the Elder Sophrony and a member of the Monastery of St. John the Baptist, England.”

Price: $19.95

Published by: Mount Thabor Publishing

This year’s event features: CHRISTOPHER VENIAMIN D.Phil. (Oxon.), a spiritual son of Elder Sophrony of Essex and Professor of Patristics at St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan, PA, who will speak to us on the theme IT IS GOOD FOR US TO BE HERE: A Patristic Initiation into the Mystery of the Saviour’s Transfiguration.

Prayers coveted.

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