Cappella Romana – Angelic Light

I put my advanced copy of the new CD from Cappella Romana, Angelic Light – Music From Eastern Cathedrals, in the home stereo, unannounced, and let it play while the Mrs was cooking dinner. I’ve done such a thing before, often going unnoticed.

Not this time.

After a while, the wife said: “This is nice … who is it?”

Later, the high school senior (a vocal student at a Performing Arts school) came out of her room

Let me repeat: came out of her room

… and into the kitchen saying, “Dad? Who is this?”

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it; other than my playing it over and over in my car, that is my review.

Come up with your own!

Order or download HERE.

You can read a more substantive review HERE.

The new CD features:

As Many of You As Have Been Baptized

O Great and Most Sacred Pascha

Cherubic Hymn (in English Mode Plagal IV)

Communion Verse for Sundays

Cherubic Hymn

Great Entrance and Communion Hymn for Holy Thursday (Mode Plagal IV) — featured above

Communion Verse for Sundays (Mode Plagal I)

Now the Powers of Heaven

Cherubic Hymn (Special Melody: The Thief Beheld)

Let All Mortal Flesh

Megalynarion for Christmas

kos Six, from The Akáthistos Hymn

Kontakion of the Mother of God

O Tebe Raduyetsya

What Shall We Call You

herubic Hymn (in Greek, Mode Plagal IV)]]>

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