Get Behind Me S-s-s-tan (You Big White Smoking Dog)!

Back in 2009, when my Father Confessor passed away, we Huneycutts inherited his dog – a black standard poodle named Wotan.  Which means, as every dog owner knows, we now save lots of plastic grocery bags and take at least two walks a day around the block in our neighborhood.

That’s how I met Stan, the Big White Dog.

Stan’s a smoker, which I found pretty amazing for a canine …
Welp, let me tell you about our first meeting:

It was a Sunday morning, I was walking Wotan while fretting over a sermon; I mean, ask any priest:  Saturday evenings & Sunday mornings are hard … temptations abound!  A sermon is never complete (no matter the preparation or lack thereof) until preached!

Anyway, I was wrestling with a message when, up ahead …

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