Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ortho-Nerd Staretz

A long time ago, in a parish far, far away….

It is a period of church war. Ortho-Nerds,

striking from a hidden base,

have won their first victory
against the Nominal Ecclesiarch.

During the struggle, Ortho-Nerd spies managed
to steal secret plans to the Ecclesiarch’s
ultimate weapon, the Death Pew,a
padded seating bench with enough
width to destroy thirty standing positions.

Pursued by the Ecclesiarch’s aging Archons,
Catechumen Leila texts home aboard her
iPhone 5C, the stolen plans
that can save her people and restore
the freedom to stand to the parish …

[Other words used in this episode: geek, dork, loser, dweeb, tetragrammaton, gamer, and emo.]

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  • Johnson Steele

    This is great… thanks for the work you put into it! (y) ;)

  • Fr Joseph Huneycutt

    Thanks for listening! Your prayers.

  • Darko Tomic

    Hi Father Joseph!I live in Serbia and we also have Ortho/Nerds with same characteristics you have mentioned! This (Phantom) menace is very serious indeed ,and it is world-wide spread . I had symptoms of it also, but I was luckily vaccinated on time .Reasons for it in post communistic countries are very similar to American conversion situation, just here people are converting from something else .On the more individual level we are letting our irrational beliefs in psychological sense to control our lives our perceptions and actions .We have that struggle every day of course ,but in this case irrationality has formed its subculture. We need a more openness and psychotherapy of hesychastic type in our communities .Keep on the good work . God Bless !

  • Fr Joseph Huneycutt

    Ortho-Nerds in Serbia! Who knew? Thanks for the heads-up, Darko — and for listening! A Bright and Glorious Pascha! Your prayers.