Holy Cow! Batman, St Cuthbert, Jack Chick – BOOM!

Holy CowLadies & Gentlemen … during this time of year — which is highlighted by the annual spook-fest-candy-feast, Turkey Day & impending Ho-Ho-Ho debt — it’s time to face our fears.

Republicans. Democrats. The Great Meteor. Illuminati. Kardasians …

Meh, you got yours — I got mine …


Once, during a sermon, I made the mistake of mentioning my lifelong fear of bats – especially during my childhood which, due to no cell phones, computers or gadgets was spent in large part outside. (For the younger set, unfamiliar with the term “outside” … there’s prolly an app for that.)

So, years ago, I preached this sermon, using my fear of bats as a theme throughout. No one, including me remembers what the sermon was about. Wouldntchya know,  allz anyone heard was: Father’s skeered o’ bats.

Listen to the rest of the story on the Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio!

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