Flaming Infallible Fences in Yon Wilder Wood

See that guy with the chainsaw. Notice the big wood he has slain. Look closer and you will see how he crushed my fence! If a guy will do that to a fence in Texas ...Think about it: Texas Chainsaw ______________ ...Well, who knows what else he might try. So I took my family and we fled ...We drove a couple hours walked for days through rough terrain in the SE Texas brush ...Always looking back over our shoulder ...Stopping occasionally to smile for the camera catch our breath ...Deeper and deeper … [Read more...]


UPDATE: The books have arrived and will be going out in today's mail. Thanks for your patience & support!In the spiritual struggle in which all of us must engage on the path to salvation, one of the greatest challenges is to crucify daily the many passions that war against us from our youth. Specifically, we must replace the seven deadly passions – pride, anger, lust, envy, gluttony, avarice, and sloth – with the virtues that enable us to become like God.Fr Joseph Huneycutt’s book, DEFEATING … [Read more...]

Just Because You’re Ugly Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Sing!

Some of you are too young to remember … But. There was a time when what you looked like held no bearing on your popularity – your “making it” -- as a singer. It was only with the advent of MTV that we became a video obsessed world.But, face it, in reality you don’t have to be good looking to sing.Besides, faces not only reveal a lot, they can also hide a lot!One of my seminary instructors used to say: “By the time you’re 40, you’ve got the face you’ve earned!”Wow.Now that’ll make one take a doubl … [Read more...]

DEFEATING SIN: Passions & Virtues

Passions and virtues – words not generally used in everyday vocabulary in the 21st century. Yet, who of us has not seen lives ruined or exalted as a direct result of one or the other of these words and their implications. This book provides meaningful and practical insight into the significant “opposites” that affect our lives both here and hereafter. Fr. Joseph takes us to that fateful garden where the first Adam, the first Eve and the first tree set a course for death and destruction. But he al … [Read more...]