KNOWLEDGE: Material & Spiritual

If one studies a great deal in order to acquire knowledge and to teach others, without living the things he teaches, he does no more than fill his head with hot air. At most, he will manage to ascend to the moon using machines. The goal of the Christian is to rise to God without machines.-- Elder Paisios the AthoniteThanks to FWD from Fr Josiah Trenham. … [Read more...]


While all about on October 31st is spooky ...One may find annual refuge at St George, Houston.Wait! There's the priest now!What? You don't recognize him? (More will be revealed.)Arrgh! We don't wear no scary costumes!Get me, Mate?Yes, it's true, on this night, I'm fairy certain you can dress up however you wish: Yes - fairy, No - Scary.Here's Jack ... without the box.... and dual smiles -- here ...... and there!Uh oh! Identity crisis. This seems to be Batman carrying a Spidey pail ... being … [Read more...]

Michael, Jonah, Joseph, George & Lily

Clergy following the Feast Day Liturgy, October 20th, at St Jonah of Manchuria Orthodox Church, from left: Fr John Filipovich of St Michael; Fr John Whiteford of St Jonah; Fr Matthew MacKay of St Joseph; Fr Joseph Huneycutt of St George.I took this picture of the Missuz & the Baby because Lily's eyes matched their shirts, or vice versa. (Sometimes life is just grand :)Coming up later today ... Pics from last night's All Saints Party at St George! … [Read more...]

Archimandrite Zacharias on “DEFEATING SIN”

This attractive exposition of current, yet timeless, anthropological issues is distinguished by its clarity of vision and originality of expression. As the book unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident that the unbroken Tradition of the Church is the sole key to understanding God’s revelation to man. Because the author has so firmly placed his trust in the holiness of this Tradition, his thinking, both creative and inspired, elucidates the charismatic character of the way of salvation which l … [Read more...]