Nothing New Under the Moon

Jeffrey Steenson, [this week] explained to the US bishops why he is to be received into the Roman Catholic Church. He leaves an Episcopal Church in disarray, led no longer by a 'house' but by a 'community' of bishops, with a songbook of praise to Mother Earth, Sister Moon and Brother Sun.Here's the story (thanks to an e-tip from tmatt).In an earlier letter to the bishops, the 55-year-old Bishop Steenson, who has headed the diocese based in Albuquerque, N.M., since January 2005, said his … [Read more...]

Orthodox Convert Furniture

My wife likes to say that she knew we were becoming Orthodox when she came home one day to a recording of Byzantine chant playing, and a censer smoking on the hearth next to a couple of icons. I remember very clear what she did that afternoon--she gestured to the couch and asked, "Do we need to remove the pews, too?"-- Richard in the CommentsReminds me of an old Top Ten list where the number one sign that you might be an Orthodox Fundamentalist is:1) There are no chairs in your home; you haven't … [Read more...]

Dawn @ App

Oops! Wrong picture ... D'oh!Everyone knows that story! Here we go:My ol' e-buddy, Dawn, was recently at my alma mater, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.(I'm sure it took her at least a thousand words to explain that picture! Click the link above.) … [Read more...]

HOUSTON: Two Years Ago

The following is a re-post from September 24, 2005.Route to RitaAt first, my son wasn't excited about moving to Houston. He'd heard they had hurricanes. Fr John Salem, the priest at St George, encouraged me to tell him that it had been a long, long time since a hurricane hit Houston. Not to worry.That, I did. I also found a house with a pool. The latter was enough to pump the boy up. Hurricane, pool. Pool, hurricane. The pool easily won.We spent the night in the new digs on the floor, sleeping … [Read more...]