BLANCO: On a Ring and a Dreher

The travesty and tragedy that was Christ of the Hills Monastery is, for some, an enigma; for the families of the victims: an open wound.Lord have mercy.For those (and I've met a few) who had prayers answered, even miraculous cures, through their relationship with that monastery ... well, adding confusion to mystery rarely results in rational answers.Rod Dreher, editorial writer and columnist for The Dallas Morning News, has his own story to tell. It's a worthy read -- though hard to read without … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW: Defeating Sin

This week's Orthodixie Podcast is totally unscripted -- which means there's no script teaser here.John Maddex of Ancient Faith Radio sat down with me on Friday to chat about DEFEATING SIN - Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever.Click H E R E to listen to the "Defeating Sin" Interview.Click H E R E to order the book.Or, for signed copies - and to help feed a growing family of five - click the appropriate button in the left side menu of this page.:) Pic courtesy of Doug N. Burns. … [Read more...]

ENDORSEMENT: Defeating Sin

This book is like a treasure chest filled with gems of wisdom from the Fathers and Theologians of the Church. Each of these jewels help give insight to the common reader on the Fall of man, the Passions, the Virtues, Spiritual Warfare and the way toward Repentance. Fr. Joseph, in his warm personal style, not only attempts to give us a theological understanding of the themes but provides practical helps in the form of definitions, prayers, and inspirational meditations. These tools are great … [Read more...]

NEW BOOK: Defeating Sin

The publisher hopes to have my new book in stock by next week, the second week of October. Order your copy from Regina Orthodox Press or through this blog (PayPal - see options in the left side margin). Thank you!DEFEATING SIN will help readers to better understand the disease that troubles the human soul.DEFEATING SIN will prove an invaluable aid for those engaged in spiritual warfare, helping them make that U-turn from the passions toward the virtues.Christians of all denominational … [Read more...]