Thinking About Having Children: One Pagan’s Perspective

Last week Sarah, our fearless leader here at Pagan Families, posted a link to this article, called "Think Before You Breed," in the New York Times about the ethics of having children on our Facebook page. I think most people do think before they breed; on the other hand, most of us aren't trained in the philosophical arts, so the kinds of thinking the author is aiming for might not come easily to most people. Sarah wondered "Can Pagan ethics help us to decide whether to have children? "The … [Read more...]


Birth On The Labyrinth Path

Birth on the Labyrinth Path has gotten some really nice attention around the web in the past few days:* The Pagan news blog The Wild Hunt mentioned the book in a link roundup;* Pagan Families contributor Niki Whiting gave the book and this website a shout-out on her blog My Own Ashram;* At Talk Birth Molly Remer quoted some of my favorite passages from the book (in the same company as a quote from Ani DiFranco!);* I got to write about why I think we need books like this one as a … [Read more...]

Birth on the Labyrinth Path

Birth on the Labyrinth Path

Last week I told you I was on the verge of announcing a project for which I got to do the writing and let other people be the editors.  I'm so excited to announce that my new ebook Birth on the Labyrinth Path: Sacred Embodiment in the Childbearing Year is now available for download!It's priced at an accessible $2.99.  If you're new to ebooks you can download a free Kindle app for your computer or phone and be reading in minutes.  My partner got lots of my friends and family to pitch in for an … [Read more...]