My favorite posts of 2012

I just had a great time looking back over all the blog posts of 2012. This was the year I published my book and the year we moved to Patheos. Here’s a list of my personal top 5 favorite posts of 2012. What’s your favorite?

  1. Kira described how to use prayer beads in pregnancy.
  2. I announced the publication of my book Birth on the Labyrinth Path.
  3. Niki thought hard about Pagan ethics and how many children to bring into the world.
  4. Nadirah gave thoughtful answers to Birth Guardian profile questions.
  5.  Molly shared a moving personal story of miscarriage-birth and goddess vision.

I’m looking forward to sharing many more inspiring, useful, and thought-provoking posts in 2013. Happy New Year!

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About Sarah Whedon

Sarah Whedon is founding editor of Pagan Families, the author of Birth on the Labyrinth Path: Sacred Embodiment in the Childbearing Year, and former Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious History at Cherry Hill Seminary. Sarah’s teaching, research, and advocacy work center around topics of spirituality, feminism, and reproduction. She makes her home in the Boston area with her partner and their children.

  • Molly

    Oh, thanks! :) I need to re-read the family size ethics post. I have some ideas about that too!

    • Sarah Whedon

      I’m curious to read your ideas on that!