I really wish I’d had a book on what it means to become a woman when I was 12. I felt shame when my cramps immobilized me. I just told people I was sick when I was found crawling on hands and knees to the nurse’s office through my high school halls because I was unable to stand up. Read more

The good news is that tending your spirit and connecting with the divine can still be a nourishing part of your new life. Read more

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers around the world! Read more

How do you make a prayer of the daily practice of parenting? How do you make a port for self-care and stillness in the storm of baby’s needs? Read more

How does pregnancy offer transformation? How are we changed by birth? What happens when we cross the threshold from darkness into light? Read more

April has been Cesarean Awareness Month. Why is there an awareness campaign for a common medical procedure? Because it’s way too common! The World Health Organization (WHO) and medical studies agree that the best outcomes happen in places where the cesarean rate is 5 – 10%, but in the U.S. nearly 1 in 3 mothers delivers by cesarean. That’s cause for alarm. It’s important to understand that this crisis is not caused by mothers in any way. Researchers have identified… Read more

Mandalas, cycles, birth and death, seasons, tides, an unfolding life… Read more

Molly reads the book More or Less for the Patheos book club and muses about “enoughness.” “I often lament having a ‘crisis of abundance’—TOO MANY GOOD THINGS TO DO. No one ever asks me for less, to do less, to be less, the pace of life feels instead of always be accelerating, to be asking for more, and that more is often so good…” Read more

Since Molly wrote about the benefit to paying close attention to the rhythms of her cycle, I wanted to share some practical resources for getting started. Read more

Kira had already contributed some of our most popular posts, so I wanted to make it easier for her to share her ideas and experience with us. Welcome Kira! Read more

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