This is the unassisted homebirth story of Molly’s fourth child. This baby, her first daughter, was born following a second trimester death-birth of another son and an early miscarriage. After a fear-tinged pregnancy-after-loss journey, it was with the most intensely joyful relief that this living, pink, noisy baby girl was received her mother’s hands. “What I do know is that the moment of catching my own daughter in my hands and bringing her warm, fresh body up into my arms was the most powerful and potent moment of my life…” Read more

How does your heart grow? How do you foster love in your children? Do you expect yourself to love perfectly or is it okay to love imperfectly? Read more

Mary came to me one twilight as I sat in Her rose garden. She showed me the face of the Starry Mother. Read more

Family, parenting, miscarriage, practice, breastfeeding, Goddess, and more… time for another monthly link round-up! Read more

She is a part of you who is wise and kind. She watches over you and helps you make good choices. She loves you beyond all reason and she will always listen to you. Read more

When did you know yourself as a mother? What’s your motherhood weather? How do you find grace in motherhood? Read more

Among the most important things support people can do is to not make assumptions about a mother’s feelings, to listen to her own self-expression, to validate what she says she feels, and to treat the loss as real no matter what the details or circumstances are. Read more

Doulas often do very practical tasks, like bringing you water to drink, but doula work can also be the priestess work of holding space for an experience. Read more

My daughter joins me in the formal offerings of water and blessings to the Ancestors and is finally dextrous enough to pour the water herself. Read more

Words have always been a powerful source of inspiration to me. I received birth wisdom from some unexpected sources as I prepared my birth altar for the birth of my daughter. Read more

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