February link round-up

February link round-up: pregnancy, birth, baptism, magic, fatherhood and more… Read more

Creating a Birth Altar, Part 1

Inspired by birth altars created by artist Amy Swagman, I decided to make a special birth altar for the birth of my daughter. Read more

Placenta Magic

“I love the placenta as a literal metaphor for communication and communion, for reclaiming birth, midwifery, and women’s body knowledge in a society that seems to have lost connection to the earthy mother-fabric of our origins…” Read more

Wednesday Wisdom: Inhale

What happens when we slow down, when we breathe deep, when we pause in silence? Read more

Pagan families takes the next step

Like I said, we’ll still emphasize pregnancy and early parenting, but we’ll make space to consider partnering, pregnancy, parenting, and more. Read more

Hold to the vision…

In the heart of the Goddess nests the world and within it something beautiful is incubating waiting watching resting knowing that change will crack it open… Read more

The magic of making a life

A brief reflection on the holiness and magic of creating a new human. Read more

International Women’s Day: Mama, You’re Amazing!

In honor of International Women’s Day—and every day—let us celebrate our bodies, honor the mothers, and trust in the nets of love woven around us by a multitude of remarkable, powerful, everyday women. Read more

Wednesday wisdom: Storytelling

PS. I’d love to publish more Pagan birth stories here. Please send yours to paganfamilieseditor@gmail.com if you’d like to share. Read more

Red Tent Resources

“Blood Mysteries recall the immense power of the bleeding woman. Power enough to share in great nourishing give-aways. Give-away from woman womb to earth womb, give-away from mother to matrix, give-away of nourisher to nourisher…bleeding freely, we know ourselves as women, as nourishers of life…” –Susan Weed Read more

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