But enough of the grand vision, who won the prizes? Read more

It took me a little while, but I eventually discovered that a labyrinth is a perfect metaphor for birth and could be of potent use during birth education, as well as a tool for birth preparation and for processing one’s birth story, feelings about birth, and birth experiences. Read more

This week’s Wednesday Wisdom post is also part of the Birth On The Labyrinth Path birthday party week. Read more

Today I want to gift you with a book excerpt about birth stories. The words are quoted directly from the book, but I’m adding a bunch of links here just for fun. Read more

This week: “Birth on the Labyrinth Path” excerpts, book and jewelry giveaways, and lots of information about using labyrinths in spiritual practices around birth! Read more

Doula Christine Vermeersch says, “I strive to make a woman look like a Goddess during labor.” Read more

Jason Mankey has a post up about My Summer Weekend, listing reading, viewing, eating, and other doing he’s looking forward to over Memorial Day weekend. I love his list and it’s totally different from mine. Read more

Do you see the body as sacred? How do we manifest the power to create and to destroy? How is birthing like a thunder storm? Read more

I am more liable to see myself as a mother reflected in the empowering imagery of the Goddess as mother than I am to feel “mothered” by Her—I feel like she affirms my worth and value in my own maternal role. She gives me strength and inspiration to be a better mother to my children. In this way, I then agree with the hope of spiritual feminists that “this great mother goddess will have a transformative effect upon the social valuation of motherhood.” Read more

I think one of the powerful lessons of birth is about one’s own immense *capacity.* Each of my births has had a “threshold” moment connected to the liminal experience of being a birthing woman… Read more

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