“I want to hear about it!” I said, “And remind me, when we meet, to tell you about the ritual I did to bury my unborn (and un-conceived) babies.” Read more

In reading the book Seeking the Mystery, I connected with the following explanation: “For Pagans, however, practice is at the center of their religious lives; shared practice, not shared belief, is what ties groups together…Religion becomes less about what people believe about the divine or the nature of the world, and more about how they behave.” And, I recall a parenting encounter of my own in which I put thealogy into practice… Read more

Politics refuses to steer clear of our families, and this week I just don’t want to let current events pass without a mention. Read more

Groups matter! Much of the practical work in the world is done in groups. Groups hold key to solving social problems like racism, sexism, and international conflict. Any attempt to change society will succeed only if the groups within society change! Groups are also keys to understanding people. Human behavior is very often group behavior and humans cannot be studied in isolation, away from their families, friendship cliques, work groups, and so on. Read more

Link round-up at Pagan Families & around the web: last days of coupon code, conception, pregnancy, birth, magical parenting, and more. Read more

I was no longer “just” a mom trying to find raspberries with her kids, I was a ​raspberry warrior​. I braved brambles, swallowed irritations, battled bugs, sweated, swore, argued, struggled, crawled into scary spaces and over rough terrain, lost possessions and let go of the need to find them, and served as a rescuer of others. I gave my blood and body over to the task. Read more

Book Review: Bridging the Gap is a great resource for anyone involved with any kind of group (as are we all, since groups are a defining facet of being human!)…I actually think it is best described as a user-friendly introduction to group dynamics using a variety of pagan groups as examples, rather than a book specifically about pagan groups/pagan group dynamics. Read more

In late December 2012, I decided to begin a year-long spiritual practice of “checking in” every day at the priestess rocks in my woods. I committed to spending at least a few minutes there every day, rain or sleet or shine, with children or without, and whether day or night throughout 2013…My idea was to really, really get to know this space deeply. To notice that which changes and evolves on a daily basis, to see what shares the space with me, to watch and listen and learn from and interact with the same patch of ground every day and see what I learn about it and about myself. Read more

I would like government adoption agencies to not ask about religion at all. Secondly, Paganism is such a varying culture that you really have to know each individual parent and not the religion. Read more

I’m known in my family for predicting births. Spirits will come to me and ask to be a part of the family. Read more

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