It’s time for a round-up of the best links shared on the Pagan Families Facebook page in July. Read more

I’m working on a thesis project and I have some questions for readers! What are your experiences with the spirituality of birth? Do you consider birth to be a spiritual experience? Did you have any spiritual revelations or encounters during your births or any other events along your reproductive timeline (miscarriage, menstruation, lactation)? And many more questions! Read more

After 10 years of debate in the U.S., emergency contraception is now on store shelves nationwide. Read more

How do Pagans prepare to adopt a child? Read more

I am planning a mother blessing ceremony for a good friend in September and we will be preparing a Mother’s Nest for her. We are going to communally decorate a birthing sheet for her bed and bring supplies for a “birth box” to have available during birth and postpartum. And, each guest will bring items to add to her bedroom, so that the whole room becomes a Mother’s Nest of birth power, strength, and support, basically like one ​huge​ birth altar… Read more

Are children’s spiritual lives fundamentally different from adults’? (They’re born with natural innocence and wonder, they learn appreciation of nature eventually, they should be more developed spiritually at 14 than at 4…) Read more

A gallery of beautiful, inspiring, individually intimate birth altar photos. Read more

“You are invited to my Blessing Wait… Why: because we are still waiting for a baby… It takes courage, self-love, and fortitude sometimes to keep wanting and believing in it… Please join me to celebrate longing and faith.” Read more

I just finished reading a lovely little book by Amy Wright Glenn. Lyrical, gentle, contemplative, and touching, Birth, Breath, and Death explores Amy’s meditations on life as a doula, mother, and hospital chaplain. Read more

“In some indigenous cultures of the Americas there is the practice of finding one’s death song while alive. This song becomes the ally of the person throughout their lives, so that they become very acquainted with what the song means in their lifetime.” Molly explores her experiences with the mother blessing chant “Woman Am I” during pivotal moments in her life. Read more

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