It is very important to me that my sons are being raised in a home in which female connection to divinity is very normal and that Goddess images are all around them. I hope that their default symbol and system of belief as adults will therefore include Goddess, regardless of how their individual spiritual paths develop. Read more

In the midst of highly technologized birthing, I bring a reminder of the original Source of energy through touch, through presence, through breath. Read more

Niki Whiting responds to criticisms that she unnecessarily scared her child during his ‘coming of age’ ritual: “Fear is a part of our lives, and facing our fears, especially in a safe context, is an important part of developing confidence, resilience, and pride.” Read more

In August we read articles about home birth, cesarean birth, body image, raising Pagan children, rites of passage, and more. Read more

Pagans struggle over whether, when, and how to best pass on the faith to their children (not to mention whether “faith” is a relevant term!). Read more

I have learned so much from Unitarian Universalists in terms of including children… I learned that children LOVE ritual. Read more

I’ve run into one or two things in the state curriculum that are Pagan-unfriendly, but nothing I can think of that was actively against my religion until they decided to teach abstinence-only sex ed. Read more

Niki Whiting describes how she and her husband planned a ritual to celebrate their 5-year-old’s transition out of babyhood… and the results were not what anyone expected. Read more

I was surprised to find myself connect with the birth warrior metaphor in labor. Shortly after my first baby was born, I turned to my dear friend who had been present and said, “I feel like I’ve been in a war.” It was my fundamental and deep, heart assessment of how I felt at the time—I mostly associated it with the blood. Read more

Niki Whiting looks at what raising kids in a Pagan household means to her, rather than raising her kids as Pagans. Read more

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