So it’s important to seek out positive portrayals and start general conversations about the topic of “What is a witch?” and “What is the difference between real witches and the witches we see in books?” Read more

My favorite story is one we all created together. My youngest son rolled the dice and we each took a turn creating a part of the story from the pictures rolled. He rolled a dog, apple, umbrella, cat, flower and tree. Read more

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is October 15. At The Amethyst Network, we’ve been working on making some new images for the purpose of sharing either in advocacy or support. Read more

What mysteries bring you to your knees? How do you kneel and kiss the ground? Read more

We don’t have a whole lot of social scientific data about what Pagans want, choose, or experience in birthing, but we do know that they favor midwifery care. Read more

Babywearing is also good for the caregiver whose hands are then freed up to hold an older child’s hand, get a chore done, or lead an invocation at ritual. Read more

I started Pagan Families so that Pagan moms (and dads and grandparents and…) wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel when welcoming babies, so you could have access to ideas, advice, prayers, rituals, and community support as you navigate the spiritual life of pregnancy and parenting. Read more

Exploring several new books for Pagan children. Read more

I have a child that will one day have to navigate being a member of a minority religion in a public school and I have seen and experienced firsthand the types of bias and discrimination that occur in our public schools with regard to religious diversity. Read more

This book really resonates with me spiritually as it portrays values of family togetherness and gratitude for our blessings, in tune with the mysteries of the natural world. Read more

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