Winter family traditions: Snow ice cream, dough ornaments, grebble and more! Read more

Loved reading the cesarean birth memoir Cut, Stapled, and Mended: “Only then does the Divine come, taking my body as her own. I am no longer alone. There is no fear…I experience completeness. I find religion. Infinity is tangible. Generations of children, their dreams, passions, defeats and glories—they all pass through me, converging here, between my thighs…” Read more

I support tapping into the divine, however we can experience it, and in whatever way we define divinity. Read more

Patheos Book Club: Blessed by Less offers encouragement and inspiration for all who are burdened down by “things” in their homes and hearts but don’t quite know how to begin the process of letting go. Read more

Reading Birth, Breath & Death makes me want to hold my family close and also hold my heart open to strangers. Read more

An round-up of October events and links on Pagan pregnancy and parenting: blessings, births, babies, and more… Read more

If we accept that self-deprivation is not an appropriate source of pride, then how do we go about really nourishing ourselves? Read more

The 2014 Witches’ Almanac is brimming with interesting bits of lore, and helpful hints-both mundane and magickal… Read more

Ancestors, beloved dead, mothers and fathers behind us, generations to be born long after us… How do you remember and honor the ancestors? Read more

If power does indeed rest in the stories that are told, how would the birth culture in the US change if we did have stories and rituals like the German Jewish naming ritual of Hollekreisch (with original connection to the Goddess intact, of course)? In their book Milk, Money, and Madness, Michels and Baumslag explain: “In western society, the baby gets attention while the mother is given lectures. Pregnancy is considered an illness; once the ‘illness’ is over, interest in her wanes…” Read more

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