The holidays are over, cabin fever is setting in, and the lack of sunlight is getting to everybody: the winter blues. I find that the best way to beat them is to acknowledge the good changes that are taking place. Read more

When I came to the hospital the morning my son was born, pausing every few steps to ride the wave of feeling from my abdomen, I remembered all the women who had gone before me. Read more

First some blog business, then the link round-up! Read more

The winner of a Solstice gift is announced. Read more

This is an entirely unsystematic, unscientific, personally biased list of my top 10 favorite Pagan Families posts from 2013. Read more

A monthly link-round up of pregnancy and parenting links, this time with a focus on self-care. Read more

Jacquie wants to give away to one of you a seat in the Natural Mama Circle. It’s a Yuletide gift for yourself or to give to a loved one. Here’s how to enter to win. Read more

Two years ago, in conjunction with one of my classes at Ocean Seminary College, I realized that it was high time for me to try to offer spiritual nourishment and experiences to my immediate family members throughout the year. I want to be the priestess of my own hearth first. And it was at this time, my idea for Family Full Moon Fun was born and we’ve kept it up, with varying degrees of success, ever since. I usually envision… Read more

Meg Yardley shares picture books to read at Winter Solstice. Read more

Our Spirit Babies: an interfaith service for those who’ve been touched by abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Read more

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