Can children grasp that people can hold wildly different beliefs, and that this is good? I absolutely believe they can, and here’s how I taught my children. Read more

A quick overview of Pagan Families tea time chat – and an introduction of a new contributor! Read more

Our family’s “word of the year” is CREATE and Oh. My. Goodness. We’re so doing it! My husband and I have been working incredibly hard preparing to launch our brand new collaborative website: Brigid’s Grove. Today was the big day! Our fresh website, free ebook, and newly remodeled etsy shop went live! Read more

Protection symbols are a powerful way to not only keep little ones safe, but give them more confidence (and you some peace of mind) as well! Read more

I’d love to have tea with you, even if our tea cups are thousands of miles away from each other. Make mine a hot chai with plenty of spice and plenty of milk. And I would definitely love for you to show off your baby to me! Read more

Everyone, my parents believed, should know how to sing and dance, and they abhorred waste and ugliness, so our family rituals and celebratory life reflected these. Read more

In our modern lives, there are few remaining rituals of initiation, few events that challenge a person’s mettle down to the very core. Childbirth remains a primary initiatory rite for a woman. Read more

In honor of Imbolc, you may want to seek out books related to the goddess Brigid, crafts and crafting, poetry, or sheep and lambs. Read more

Pregnancy and the process of giving birth is one of the most important initiatory processes that humans experience. Read more

The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you. As others have written, I met myself in childbirth. And, I liked her. Read more

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