Associated Press Health Care Law Poll January 2011

The health care poll was conducted by the Associated Press and Gfk Roper Public Affairs Corporate Communications from January 5 – 10, 2011. By telephone they spoke to 1001 Americans ages 18+

For a more detailed breakdown of participants demographics and answers such as if they strongly or somewhat supported or opposed a topic you can read the full poll results at.

Religious affiliation:
Protestant 25%
Catholic 25%
Mormon 1%
Jewish 1%
Muslim 1%
Other 26%
No religious denomination 19%

Of the “Other” religion 87% were Christian and 13% were not.

What do Pagans think? You can answer the same questions as the AP poll at

In general, do you support, oppose or neither support nor oppose the health care reforms that were passed by Congress in March?
Support 40%
Neither Support nor Oppose 16%
Oppose 41%

What would you prefer Congress do with the new health care law?
Leave it as is. 19%
Change it so that it does MORE to change the health care system. 43%
Change it so that it does LESS to change the health care system. 10%
Repeal it completely 26%

Do you favor, oppose, or neither favor nor oppose a law…?

…that would require every American to have health insurance, or pay money to the government as a penalty if they do not, unless the person is very poor?
Favor 31%
Oppose 59%

…requiring most medium-size and large companies to offer health insurance to their employees or pay money to the government as a penalty if they don’t?
Favor 59%
Oppose 32%

…requiring insurance companies to sell health insurance to a person who is currently sick or has had a serious illness in the past, which would
probably cause most Americans to pay more for health insurance?

Favor 50%
Oppose 34%

…saying that an insurance company cannot stop selling health insurance to one of their customers if that person gets a serious illness?

Favor 59%
Oppose 34%

The Staff of Asclepius has set up a poll for Pagans asking these same questions. Participate at

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