Flash Mob for Wash. State Disability Lifeline

On Tuesday, January 18, the same day Washington state legislators released a budget proposal, a Flash Mob danced at the Washington State Capitol building to support the Disability Lifeline program.

“House Democrats released a budget proposal for the current fiscal year that would restore certain funding to schools and the poor that Gov. Chris Gregoire had proposed reducing or eliminating.

Specifically, the plan would retain the state Disability Lifeline, which provides cash and health care for unemployable disabled people. It also would provide funding for a children’s health-care program and maintain levy equalization money that helps poorer school districts keep up with wealthier ones.

The House is looking at ways to save the state Basic Health Plan, which provides subsidized insurance to thousands of lower-income residents, but the details haven’t been worked out yet.” – Seattle Times “House proposal would save Disability Lifeline, money for schools” by Andrew Garber seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politicsnorthwest/2013969694_house_proposal_would_save_disa.html

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