Divine Family Health Care Practices

There is an informative three part series on Pagan health care by Cara Schulz at Pagan+politics, a project of the Pagan Newswire Collective.

“Much of the conversation regarding health care in our country revolves around cost and what the government’s responsibility is towards the citizens in providing health care. Sprinkled throughout are bits about greedy doctors, litigious lawyers, and rich taxpayers. Very little is said about the role that you and I play in maintaining our health. We are looked at as helpless consumers, too immature to do or understand simple things to keep ourselves healthy. If we are unwilling to take even the most basic of steps to maintain our health, how we can we castigate doctors and government for not doing enough to help us? Just as I look to Hellenismos for inspiration on how to manage my finances, I’ve also found wisdom in how to be an active partner in maintaining my health.” politics.pagannewswirecollective.com/2010/03/17/divine-family-health-care-practices/

Part 2 “Asclepiosian Medicine: Combining traditional and alternative medicine and adding a spiritual component”
Part 3 “Hygeian medicine: anything that affects the physical and mental well-being of people.”